7 steps you must take to prepare for your Ibiza move

The idea of moving to Ibiza has been flirting with you for quite a while. But your dream turns quickly into a nightmare when you start thinking about all the things you must do before you can actually move.

We know the feeling of uncertainty, doubt and fear. We had them too. But let us help you organise your thoughts.

We’ve created 7 steps that helped us a lot to get a clear picture of what we wanted from our new Ibiza adventure. These 7 steps will also help you to create a step by step action plan to make your Ibiza move a lot easier and well organised. Continue reading…


An interview with private chef Sid Shanti


We love to interview Islanders who live and run their business on the white isle. Some people are here to stay and rise high above the rest.

One of these guys is Sid Shanti an Ibiza veteran who lives on our stunning island for almost two decades. When you like to make the move and set up your business Sid will offer you some sound advice. Buckle up friends..

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How Lisa bought her property in Ibiza

Welcome to the very first blog post that is part of a series called “Ibiza Inside property and real estate series.” In these blog posts we’d love to share experiences of real people, tips from the best real estate agents, banks, lawyers , interior designers and builders. The aim is to assist you in the best possible way to purchase your dream Ibiza property.
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Meet Surf Lounge Ibiza

We love Ibiza for the creative and entrepreneurial ideas that people come up with. Most of the time these ideas remain great ideas, but sometimes people take action and actually just do it. One of these creative companies is called Surf Lounge Ibiza. We went to see with our own eyes what Surf Lounge Ibiza is about. And this is what we discovered. Continue reading…


6 things you can do to relax in Ibiza

6 things you can do to relax in Ibiza

Life in Ibiza can be very intense whilst living in Ibiza too. In summer most of the time you will work 7 days a week. When you have kids you need to bring them to school and take them to their after school activities and friends. So how do you you relax then? We know the feeling and this is what we do to ease our minds and recharge. Continue reading…


Funny Ibiza pictures that put a smile on our face

Ibiza made us laugh. These funny pictures taken all over the island during summer really put a smile on our faces. Ibiza is the island of the free spirits were everybody can be themselves. Some people are really taking this to the next level. This is one of the reasons why we love Ibiza so much. It has a lot of different faces. And this happens to be the funny face. Are you ready for a smile on your face? Continue reading…