10 tips to become a superstar DJ in Ibiza

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‘Where do I start when I want to make it as a DJ in Ibiza?’ is a question we often receive. And we spent a few blogposts on the subject.Our friend Rufus White has quite a track record as a DJ in Ibiza and he gave us 10 tips to share with you about what you must do to become the next superstar DJ in Ibiza. Are you ready to become famous?

But first, who is Rufus White?

Rufus has an extraordinary track record. After having spent only one week on Ibiza, Rufus already managed to secure himself a residency at Moby Dick’s disco bar in Es Vive, home to previous legendary Ibiza residents Graham Sahara (Pacha, Defected, Seamless, Phonetic Recordings) and DJ Gee (founder of Bora Bora). While there, Rufus gained further notoriety by setting up one of the very first house music podcasts, Ruforia, which got into the iTunes top 3 music podcasts within only weeks of being launched thanks to Rufus’ innovative use of loops and samples to create unique mixes, each with their own mood, style and story. Ruforia is still going strong now, with a regular listening rating of over 15.000 subscribers, and the mixes are regularly featured on Australian radio station ClubbersRadio.com.

Rufus’s 10 tips to become a superstar DJ in Ibiza

1. Be in Ibiza. I don’t just mean as a tourist, I mean for a whole summer at least. A gig in Pacha is not going to come to you, but if you come here, you’ve got a better chance.

2. Once you’re in Ibiza, do some networking. You can’t spell network without ‘work’. I’m crap at it, I’ll be the first to admit, but as in most industries, DJing in Ibiza has nothing to do with how good you are, but it’s all about who you know.

3 Have your own style. Why should anyone book you to play a gig when you’re playing the same as every other David Guetta/Swedish House Mafia wannabe? There’s enough of them here already. If you play music you like, instead of only that which is in the charts, you’ll create a following of people who celebrate your differences.


Rufus White Ibiza Pacha recordings


4 There are no “small” gigs. If you get a chance to play out anywhere, enjoy it for what it is, don’t berate yourself because you’re not playing the main room in Pacha.

5 Produce. How many DJs can you list from the top of your head who have got to where they are just based on their skill on the decks alone? Big-name DJs are not big-name DJs because of their DJing, they’re really big-name producers. Make tracks, and work on getting them played by other DJs. This is the best way to get noticed these days.

6 Be versatile. There’re hundreds of venues you could play at in Ibiza, not just the big clubs. But if you land a gig at a little beach bar, don’t treat it like you’re playing main-room at Privilege. That’s the fastest way to get yourself chucked off the decks and never asked back. Take the time and place into account, and structure your set according

7 Be professional. The days are gone where DJs can behave like diva rock-stars and get away with it. Be punctual. Don’t take the piss if the venue gives you an open bar. If you’re warming up for someone, play a warm-up set, not a peak-hour set, and don’t hog the decks when it’s other people’s turn to perform. If you’re using a laptop, set it up before the gig so you’re not getting in the way of someone else trying to play.

8 Make your own night. Find a venue you can work well with, and book yourself as the headliner. If you’re in control, you can do what you like, play what you like, and hopefully get paid for it.


                                         Can you see yourself play in Ibiza?

Ibiza DJ


9 Don’t expect to be an overnight success. Until you’re headlining Pacha, you’ll be getting paid peanuts. DJs here work hard for every penny, there’s a lot of guys here who do 8-9 gigs a week in the summer just to get by.

10 But on that note: don’t take a gig for free. Bar owners and to some extent club promoters/bookers know that DJs will do anything to get a gig here, and exploit that. They will tell you it’s a good opportunity to “get your foot in the door” and “get your name out there”. If you take a free gig, all you’re doing is devaluing your own worth, and that of DJs as a whole. If you don’t attach value to your art by asking for a fair and reasonable price, it is, by definition, worthless.

We like to thank Rufus for his 10 tips about how to make it as a DJ in Ibiza. When you like to read more about Rufus White we invite you to click this link. Are you in need for a VIP table in Ibiza book it right here to have the best VIP experience in Ibiza

Virgil is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Marisa he has a mission to help as many people all around the world to become better versions of themselves In body,mind and lifestyle. Ibiza is his base and the world is his stage.

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  2. Cedric la CruZz

    Awsome article dude!

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  13. Excellent article. It seems that the DJ “hustle” in Ibiza isn’t much different than anywhere else, though I had always assumed Ibiza already pretty much had its DJs “locked down”. (I’ve never been there, though, so what do I know?)

    Either way, the best things you can do are:

    – Stay on your hustle, and learn to network like a gentleman.
    – Choose the right gigs in the first place (no square pegs in round holes).
    – Never stop learning. (Too many stale DJs out there!)

  14. Thank you david for your comment… You should come soon to pa us a visit..:) x

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  20. Great Advice… Will work on that most def Large up your self…way up!

  21. Wendy Beentjes

    Thank you so much for your kind words.. x

    Marisa & Virgil

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