11 Ibiza beaches you’ll want to visit


Cala Llonga

We love to share with you 11 beaches that you must visit on your Ibiza holiday. Do you have your sunblock factor 30 ready?

1. Las Salinas

Are the enchanting salt fields you see whenever you can manage to see through your tears just before boarding your plane to leave the island. This beach is near and was named after these very salt fields. Rough in winter and beyond hip and very happening in summer. With swanky Jockey Club on one side and funky bohemian shack Sa Trinxa on the other, this is one of those places where hippy meets chic.


2. Cala Comte

Is cheating just a wee bit when calling itself Cala. Ibicencos should know when they inform us that it is ‘only’ a playa. For beach junkies like ourselves this makes no difference, the place is beautiful! On Sundays entire families have their Sunday lunch in the parking area. The rest of us descend down to a beach in three parts! In the middle, overlooking the sea, you will find organically shaped beach bar Sunset Ashram. Very cool indeed, the Sunset Ashram has not only stunning views of the sea, but also hosts its own clothing shop and sushi bar. Count us in!

Cala Conta

3. Benirrás

Indeed, this is the place where Nina Hagen got married, rocker Slash recently renewed his vows and of course where Ibiza’s many colourful hippies play their drums every Sunday to enjoy the sunset among many like-minded friends. During the summer season Sundays see the beach increasingly crowded and parking spots are much sought after. It is a good idea to go early and have a lovely beach day before welcoming the drummers and the setting sun.


4. Playa d’en Bossa

One of the few long-stretched beaches. Loved by both party-loving clubbers and folks enjoying a nice family holiday. We spoke to an elderly Dutch couple who had a house built here thirty years ago when the place only consisted of dunes and the white, sandy beach. Now there is many a hotel and resort to be found and of course it is home to Ushuaia and beach club Bora Bora is still firmly in its place as well. Playa d’en Bossa has something nicely daring and new to offer though, as it is now home to Raw Bar Ibiza. You have guessed right when you think this restaurant only serves raw food, lending even more versatility to not-just-touristy Playa d’en Bossa.


5. Cala Xaracca

If you go a bit further up to north, heading towards Portinatx, you will find this true gem of a beach. Surrounded by rocks and with one very fine beach restaurant, Cala Xaracca is one of those places that makes you happy you found it. The beach itself is quite intimate and its surroundings will bestow upon you the very feeling as if you are part of one very beautiful postcard.

Aguas Blancas

6. Aguas Blancas

Home to the surfers. Aguas Blancas is one of the few splendid surf spots Ibiza has to offer. Its deep waters are lovely for swimming too and actually predominantly used for the latter. This beach has a unique beauty of its own. The many rocks lend it a sort of rough ‘at one with nature’ feel and this beach is excellent for spending full languid beach-lounging days.

Es Torrent

7. Cala San Vicente

Here is a nice stretch of sandy beach for you. This bay has such a friendly feel to it. The picturesque drive to Cala San Vicente already gives you happy tingles that predict there is much in store for you. This beach holds the perfect promise of a good family picnic kind of beach day combined with magnificent views of the surrounding area, with white houses dotted alongside the bay, high up on the rocks. For refreshments and bubbly party spirit you can retreat to tropical hideaway On the Beach, situated on the right-hand side of the bay.

Can Vincnte

8. Cala Nova

Another widely stretched bay, which is beyond excellent for swimming. Deep, wavy waters which are still safe enough to take the kids along for a paddle. The offer of beach bars here is so varied, it will make even a firmly decisive person waver. With exclusive Atzaró beach on the right and a simple beach shack on the left and everything in between, this beach also has every potential to make you want to stay for the day.

Cala Nova

9. Cala d’Hort

Speaking of picturesque, this is the mother of all postcards! This beach certainly packs a punch. ‘Why?’, you even dare ask? Well, it has an amazing view of magical rock Es Vedrà. No matter where you go on this beach, Es Vedrà can’t escape your view. The beach is nice and rocky, with Ibiza’s typical fisherman’s huts on the right, completing the stunning views. It goes without saying that Cala d’Hort, too, has fantastic beach restaurants. One of them has its tables in the sand, high up on the beach, making your drink taste just that bit more refreshing.

Cala D'Hort

10. Cala Llonga

It has to be said, the best way to reach Cala Llonga is by boat. You can catch one either from Santa Eulalia or even from Ibiza Town. This beach is, like many, situated in a nice, wide bay. Have a walk around Cala Llonga before settling down either in the white sand or on one of the beach terraces. If it’s windy this beach has nice partitions in the sand to make sure you can enjoy the sun at all times.

Cala Llonga

11. The Secret Beach

We dare you to find this beauty. You may find it somewhere on way to Cala Jondal. Again, we won’t say where it is or what it is called. We expect this one to be quiet even in summer. The waters are reminiscent of the bounty island feel Formentera gives you. This beach is lush, it is not sandy though. With a multitude of sanded down pebbles and a backdrop of reddish and white sand dunes this is our not so guilty secret. 

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