16 things to NOT wear in clubs in Ibiza

Fake Tan

Do you want to save face in front of your friends and thousands of people in the clubs in Ibiza? What happens in Ibiza gets shared on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, so this is what you should definitely not wear in clubs in Ibiza.

1: Mankini


It doesn’t matter how drunk you get, DON’T WEAR THIS!!!

2: Pacha T-Shirt In Amnesia


The bouncer hit hard and are loyal to the clubs. Wear at your own risk.

3: Sunglasses


Just because P Diddy does it, doesn’t mean you should. His ‘Yes Men’ are the reasons why he gets away with it.

4: Fake Tan

Fake Tan

The weather is hot enough here. There are 300 days of sun.

5: Denim on Denim


No explanation is needed here.

6: LED Screens on T-Shirts (In fact, anything with batteries)

(Image from http://www.mobile-review.com)

Guys take note….girls do not find this cool or sexy.

7: Matching Clothes

Unless you are 15 (which you shouldn’t be in a club anyway), this is not allowed.

8: Fur

fur kids
Same reason as number 3.

9: Ugg Boots

Uggg Boots

Uggs in a club. Rhymes well, looks sh*t.

10: Flip Flops With Socks

socks 'n flip-flops


11: Skirts That Are Too Short


Can be a good thing, but in some cases its a no no.

12: Underarm Hair

Arm pit


13: Oneses


The only reason you should wear a onesie in a club is if you are invited to DJ with David Guetta on a Tuesday night in the West End of San Antonio while wearing flip flops with socks. If you do not fit this criteria then stay away from your onesie.

14: Dress As A Mime


Yes you will get a lot of pictures BUT it is not because you are cool.

15: A Football Kit

Nice outfits!

It doesn’t matter how much you love or support those 11 players on the pitch, wearing your football kit in a club will end up on Instagram.

16: Leather

Do you remember the episode in Friends when Ross wore leather trousers and never lived it down? That could be you!!!

So there you have it, 16 things to not wear in clubs in Ibiza. As well as wearing the correct gear, also have a look at things to do in Ibiza. And when you are in need for a VIP table in Ibiza click here and we will create an experience you will never forget.



“A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to.” - Banksy

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  1. u are the best , jajajajajajajajajaja !!! :-.D

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  4. robin

    jeans jacket

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  6. Nick

    What about black champion sneakers red cargo shorts kinda faded red and a black or gray t shirt

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