4 Reasons to rent a car on Ibiza

Ibiza Picture by Carlo Carlo De Pieri

Our friend Abby wrote this post about car rental on Ibiza. So start you engine, here she goes!

Ibiza by car

Ibiza is a place that invites you to delve into every facet of its beauty; then it draws you in and keeps you there until you’re hooked. There are endless things to discover, so staying in a tourist hub is doing the island and yourself an injustice. One of the best ways to unearth Ibiza’s gems is to hire a car; it’s incredibly easy to do and means that the amazing things you will have heard about, plus a few surprises along the way, become instantly accessible. You can drive from one side of Ibiza to the other in about 45 minutes and it’s practically impossible to get lost, that is, unless you want to.

Beaches on Ibiza

Having a car means some of the many incredible beaches of Ibiza will only be a short drive away. Drive from the long, stretching sands of the east, to the intimate little coves of the north, to the rockier shores of the south and the sunset havens of the west. It’s harder to navigate to some of the far flung beaches by public transport and you’ll probably end up having to get a taxi, so having a car will take away that inconvenience. You can find your own secluded spot and watch the sun go down: just you, the sea and the sky.

Discover Ibiza finest beaches by car

Shops In Ibiza

Getting to the shopping haven that is Ibiza Town is really simple, but with a car you’ll stumble upon some hidden treasures in unexpected places. There are boutiques scattered all over the island, like VIP Vintage in Es Cubells. It’s a vintage shop with a whole host of beautiful pieces to feast your eyes over and I would never have found it without a car. Likewise, driving will mean easy access to the Hippy Market in Es Canar where you can lose hours in the maze of stalls and mayhem and will then have plenty of boot space for your haul.



You will find a myriad of unadvertised restaurants in isolated places where you’ll get to experience true Ibiza hospitality. Here you’ll find places like the unnamed shack in Sa Punta that serves fish so fresh it could have jumped onto your plate voluntarily. And part of the joy of these places comes in finding them yourself, as a pit stop on your journey to another destination.

COMO IbizaPicture by COMO

The main plus point of hiring a car is that it gives you the freedom that Ibiza embodies: to go, discover and enjoy. You shouldn’t go home without trying it. Do you like to read more about car rental? Then we invite you to read this blog post. We love to hear about your experiences…

Abby is from London and works in PR. She is a compulsive writer, fashion lover and full time Ibiza obsessive! She finds Ibiza’s positivity, creativity and sense of freedom an inspiration, and loves nothing more than spreading its unique and irresistible vibe. On her own blog www.dressupshowup.co.uk she focuses on the good things in life: fashion, travel and delicious food, and thirty years from now she’d like to spend most of her time swinging in a hammock and looking out on the Med, mojito in hand.

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