6 very good reasons and 1 bloomin’ excellent one to go out in Playa d’en Bossa


We love to share 7 very good reasons to hang around at the Playa den Bossa strip. Are you ready to boogie..?

The club opens at 7 in the morning

Imagine coming onto Ibiza on an early flight, being dropped off in Playa d’en Bossa, only to be faced with a colourful troupe of people queuing outside a .. NIGHT club? Ah, those were the days. Unfortunately the 7am opening days of Space are a thing of the past. Luckily however, Space does provide daytime party-lovers with Sundays at Space, where the club opens as early as 4.30 in the afternoon.

Resident Carl Cox still rocks the house and the illustrious Miss Dita von Teese even returns here for a highly sought after show on the 26th of August.

You still get to enjoy that family holiday

No matter how lively it gets on the streets at night, daytime is still there to be enjoyed by any type of holiday maker, really. With one of the few longer stretched beaches of the island and many a water sports facility, this place is excellent for both traditional as well as off the beaten track relaxation.


You are at the very hub of Ibiza nightlife

Back in the day Bossa-visiting folk would be content having Space right around the corner and that was it. Nowadays Playa d’en Bossa boasts a whole of three immensely popular clubbing haunts. Keep on reading this list and do the math.

You walk right from your apartment into the beach club then get to dance in the sea, drink of choice in hand

Well.. three plus one sturdy little sister. If you happen to find yourself staying in ever-popular Jet Apartments, you are the lucky person to walk straight from your apartment into beach club Bora Bora and then onto the white, sandy beach.

You stand the chance of ending up in a real life soap opera

Having been part of an eclectic mix of people for a few days, nothing will surprise you when out and about. Don’t be taken aback when accidentally finding yourself midst an episode of a British real life soap series, with cameras, director and sleek and glamorous hair styles all in place for your entertainment needs.

Concert at sea? Yes please!

Ibiza’s very own and newly opened Hardrock Hotel is happy to have Playa d’en Bossa as its home address and has already seen its fair share of magnificent concerts. The season has yet to properly kick off and Hardrock Hotel is fiercely on top of its game, treating Ibiza music lovers to Nile Rodgers’s Chic and reggae icons UB40. Best get ready for Snoop Dogg, Kylie Minogue and Placebo later this season.


Third on the list of immensely popular clubs, is beautiful hotel meets huge outdoor club Ushuaia. Ushuaia is home to a number of household names such as Armin van Buuren and David Guetta.

But for the second year running now, there is something peculiar going on Ushuaia-way…. for it has made room for an underground movement to firmly embed itself into its Ushuaia cavity. From May 31 onwards, ANTS will take over Ushuaia every Saturday from 3pm to 12am and will remain firmly in place for the 18 weeks that follow. You must have seen the enigmatic billboards on your drive across Ibiza or you may have even bumped into a real-life ANT!

This underground DJ collective constitutes of an entire ANT colony and they strongly urge you to come join them. You will find it difficult to resist, we assure you. ANTS really is something different and steers away from the more mainstream sounds of aforementioned DJs. We can only describe the ANTS sound as highly addictive and the ANTS experience as something you simply cannot fail to undergo. Make sure to get a VIP table to get the full experience. Of course the colony is always happy to oblige when it comes to fixing your habit and you can now do your leisurely island cruising with ANTS The Mix 2014 deliciously blasting from your car stereo.


Drones Andrea Olivia, Uner and Los Suruba are resident ANTS of a three CD set which has no problem whatsoever convincing you that music is indeed the antswer.

All things spiritual, good food and a similarly good story. You name it, she loves it. Wendy, after having been a long-time visitor, is now a steady fixture on the White Isle. An in-demand copywriter and editor in chief for Ibiza Inside, she loves to explore the island and its many wonders and turn it into one cracker of an interesting story without the blink of an eye.

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  1. Natalie

    don’t miss restaurant Atlantis, see side at the fary. they serve super good small dishes, fish and all you need in a cosy atmosphere.

    it’s absolutely one of the restaurants you should try and it’s cosy, nice people and did I already say the food is bril? 😉