6 things you should do to survive the winter in Ibiza

Sitting on the dock off the bay IbizaPicture by Jose Ibiza

I’ve been in Ibiza for 6 months now and when I first told people I was living here now, they all said the same thing “wait until winter comes”. Without thinking too much about it I shrugged off words of advice and thought it odd that people would be saying something like that. Ibiza is the eternal Summer Island, no?

My first Ibiza season

When I first got here, I was so focused on work that I didn’t really look up from my laptop, I finished a project and suddenly summer had disappeared. Something funny things happens when the sunshine turns to clouds, the tourists go home and most of the island shuts down until next season, you see a different side to life here. I’m lucky, in that I’ve made some lovely friends since moving here, people who have given me great advice, watched my back and helped me to find my way around and introduced me to people. It’s safe to say that without them, winter in Ibiza could be fairly isolating. If this is your first winter in Ibiza, or you are thinking of moving here, here are some things you will find helpful.

Ibiza, SpainPicture by Philip Larson

Make Friends

During the summer, most people are working such long hours that they don’t really have time to socialize as much as you would think and most people said to me that winter is the time when you really get to know people as there is a feeling of all being here together. I found going to things alone was sometimes a good option as it forces you to speak to people and get to know the different faces around town.

Feet-Ibiza-3 Ibiza Friends

Enjoy the change of pace

It can seem like a bit of a downer when all the clubs and bars shut and the holiday makers leave the Island but once you get over that you can literally enjoy a whole other side of Ibiza that you wouldn’t notice in the summer. Things like going for a walk through the county side or meditating on the beach might seem like the last thing you would want to do during peak season but there is something lovely about enjoying the much more relaxed pace during the winter. (I still can’t wait for next season though!)

Ibiza in winter time. When are you coming?

Pictures by Ryan Lock Ibiza Beach

Find your hangout

When I first moved here, a friend of mine took me for dinner at what is now one of my favourite restaurants on the Island, Sandy’s in Santa Eulalia. The food is excellent, it’s got a lovely chic relaxed feel to it and the people are always friendly. Ben, the owner runs supper clubs once a month throughout winter for the locals. Here you do not only meet people who have lived here for years but you can also enjoy some interesting new dishes and cocktails.


Learn Spanish

It sounds fairly obvious, but there is something really nice about being able to speak to the locals properly without asking “Do you speak English?” I’ve found that just learning a few phrases and being able to have a conversation opens up new doors for me and people have a new found respect for you. The best way to learn is to have conversations and try to join in as much as possible, just don’t be put off if people laugh!

Spanish flag IbizaPicture by Gilad Rom

Enjoy the island

In 7 months’ time, Ibiza will be reborn into the party island that it’s famous around the world for. So it makes sense to enjoy the quiet, take in the scenery and get to know the beauty of the island. As someone said to me when I first moved here, it’s all about understanding the way the island works and learning to go with it. Winter is the perfect time to try new things here. There are so many classes and workshops I am looking forward to trying here.


Being based on Ibiza doesn’t mean that you have to be here all year round. One of the best things about Ibiza is how close you are to other amazing places. Madrid and Barcelona are less than an hour away and flight prices start from around 30 Euros. If you miss the UK, flight are going all year round to London City Airport.. When you are in need of help with your move to Ibiza, join our Ibiza Inside Coaching Membership. We will guide you personally every step of the way.

Ryan Lock is the founder of The Ryan James Consultancy, a personal coaching and brand strategy business, and of mungbeansandchampagne.com. His work is featured regularly on websites around the world.

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  1. wintertime is the perfect time for sauna, spa and wellness! there are some great offers on the island … check them out!

  2. Nice piece Ryan, me and my wife want to move to the island in a couple of years, really can’t wait!

  3. fulvia

    last winter was my first winter, alone, on the island…i consider it the best winter ever..enjoy it!!

  4. MOniek

    Buenas tardes,

    Just wanne say thanks for this great supportive website.

    I get a lot of usefull information out of it..; )

    I wanted to come discover Ibiza again in May but I think I replace it to the winter. Just to make sure how I’de like & ‘feel’ the atmopsphere from the Island..Iwas there 15 years ago for the last time…that’s al long time ago…; )

    Now I’m thinking to move to Ibiza for permantly. I’m so done with Holland and Ibiza never left my mind. So I decided to come over this year. But what do you guys think, its better to come in winter right? The first planning was to come end of may…

    Thnx for sharing this all…


  5. Hi Moniek,

    Dank voor je comment… Wij komen uit Amsterdam origineel… Wie weet is ons coaching programma wat voor jou..:) x

    Marisa & Virgil

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