7 adorable small hotels on Ibiza

Salinas hostal ibizaPicture by Boutique Hostal Salinas

Ibiza is a great holiday destination and it’s getting more crowded every year. Hotels and apartments are filled with tourists who want to enjoy their well-earned holiday. But what if you wish to enjoy Ibiza in a more quiet and peaceful small hotel? We found exactly what you are looking for. In this post we’d love to share 7 small hotels with you. These hotels have 5 to 19 rooms. You will not have to wait in line to find a seat during breakfast and you can hide from the crowd in the busy summer months. Grab a good glass of wine and let us inspire you.

Can Guillem Ibiza

 Can Guillem Ibiza

1. Can Guillem has 7 rooms and you will fall in love with it the moment you enter the gates. A nice swimming pool and plenty of space surrounds this beautiful rural hotel. The hotel is situated close to the lovely village of San Rafael which lies at a very central location on the island. We love to meet you in Can Guillem

Can Jaume Ibiza

Can Jaume

2. Can Jaume is a 3- kilometre drive from Ibiza Town and lies between beautiful orange groves. This lovely hotel has 12 rooms and a stunning view. You will have the best of both worlds, it’s close to Ibiza Town where the action is and you can relax at the pool in absolute serenity. Can Jaume the place to relax body and mind.

Can Planells Ibiza

Can Planells

3. Can Planells lies in the quieter north of Ibiza near San Miguel. From your window you will have a fantastic view over the countryside filled with almond trees. This beautiful old farmhouse has 8 rooms and a swimming pool to ensure that you will have the ultimate holiday. Do we see you at Can Planells….?

Can Escandell. Ibiza

Can Escandell

4. Can Escandell is a 200 year old farmhouse with 9 rooms. You can find this fantastic hotel on the road from San Miguel to San Juan. The exterior of the hotel has an Arabic – Hispanic look while the inside has modern minimalist furnishing. All the luxury you can aspect from a hotel in Ibiza you can find at Can Escandell.

  “We invite you to come to Ibiza and relax your body and mind”

Can Pardal Ibiza

Can Pardal

5. Can Pardal is a beautiful 5- room hotel that used to be a 15th century Ibizan house. This little boutique hotel won an award for the restoration of the house. This beautiful hotel lies next to the church in the village of San Miquel. We invite you to come to Can Pardal

Boutique hostal Salinas Ibiza

Boutique Hostal Salinas

6. Close to Las Salinas you can find Boutique Hostal Salinas, a stunning 11-room hotel with everything you wish for within your reach. You are close to all the clubs and the beach is at walking distance. We love the area of Las Salinas, it’s Ibiza in her purest form. Hostal Salinas awaits your arrival

La torre

La Torre del Canonigo

7. La Torre del Canonigo lies right in the heart of Ibiza’s old Town, D’alt Vila. It is quiet and peaceful and yet all the action is just a few miles away. If you want to go to the beach, no problem, it’s just a 15- minute walk away.

These small hotels are a good option when you like to enjoy your Ibiza dream holiday in a peaceful and quiet hotel. Have you ever come earlier in the season? The island has a total different face then. It’s very relaxed, quiet and the weather is fantastic already. We love to meet you in Ibiza and off season is a great option. What is your favourite hotel?

Virgil is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Marisa he has a mission to help as many people all around the world to become better versions of themselves In body,mind and lifestyle. Ibiza is his base and the world is his stage.

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  1. Liesbeth Veldhoen

    Hai, I saw your photo’s etc on Facebook via Huisje Kijken ;).
    We would like to go to Ibiza this summer, with 5 adults en 2 children (9 and 11 years old).
    Do you have any info or ideas about renting a house with a swimmingpool or bed/breakfast? we preferr in week 32.
    Like to hear from you.

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  3. Diana

    Dear Founders of I-inside and other Ibiza experts ,

    Thank you very much for this precious blog which helped us to find a Lovely silent Hotel
    Now, I would like to know whether any body knows some authentic inexpensive places where one can stay surf, the type of places can be found on Islands like Tahiti . Cold shower and fireplace on beach .. Low budget but good energies ? Thanks for any precious leads

  4. Hi Diana,

    Thank you for your comment. We know what kind of place you mean but on Ibiza we have not yet find such a place where you have a fireplace on the beach,but there are a lot of great places that you can stay at with fantastic energies. We invite you to browse through our blog to get some ideas…:)

    If you have any more questions our Holiday PA service might be something for you. Looking forward meeting you soon on the island.


    Marisa & Virgil

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