7 most read Ibiza tips in 2012 on the Ibiza Inside blog

Ibiza TownPicture by Xavi

Virgil and I are here to provide you with lots of info and tips to help you make your stay on Ibiza  just perfect. This is why we wrote many blog posts for you with Ibiza tips. These are tips such as how to rent a car on the island, where can you find beaches for nudists, tips for people who like to move to the island and many more. So, which posts with tips did you all find the most interesting in 2012? We share with you the top 7.

Are you ready for your Ibiza wedding, by Alexandra Jackson

Ibiza is a magical place to get married and as we see a lot of you are interested in this subject 😉 This post is written by Alexandra Jackson, Alexandra has a passion for writing and we are happy that she is one of our bloggers. This great post is filled with beautiful pictures of photographer Ana Lui and the stunning wedding dresses are by Rebecca Cella. Read the post here.

Rebecca Cella www.rebeccacella.com info@rebeccacella.com Photography Ana Lui & Eva Kruiper www.analui.comPicture by Ana Lui & Eva kuipers

How to find a house on Ibiza, by Marjolein van Ommeren

Marjolein and her partner followed their dreams and moved to Ibiza. She runs her B&B and she tells all about her life on the island. In this post she gives a lot of tips for people who want to move to Ibiza. For example how to find a house. Sit back, relax and enjoy Marjolein’s writings.

Find a house in IbizaPicture by Marjolein van Ommeren

7 things you should know when you move to Ibiza

Another post in the top 7 tips about “how to” when you like to move to the magical island is written by Ryan Lock. It’s another great post with lots of tips which are useful when you like to follow your dreams. Enjoy reading this nice blog post of Ryan. 

We love Ibiza so much and you ?

Urlaub Ibiza 2009 Sant Antoni De Portmany Move to IbizaPicture by Ivo Schwalbe

5 Sunset spots on Ibiza

A holiday without sunsets isn’t a holiday. But even on a regular day we all love a beautiful sunset. In this blog post which ranked high in the top 7 we share with you 5 of the best spots to watch the sunset. Mark them in your ‘things to do’ when you’re on Ibiza and go and find out for yourself.We love Ibiza and you ?

Sunset Ashram Cala Conta Ibiza

An alternative guide to San Antonio Ibiza, by Abby Lowe

Abby Lowe is member of the Ibiza Inside bloggers because her blogs always score high and you all love her posts. In this blog post she takes you on a trip to that “other” San Antonio. Enjoy this post and we see you in San An!

San Antonio IbizaPicture by Abby Lowe

Our new life on Ibiza, by Marjolein van Ommeren

Yet another post by Marjolein about her (new) life on Ibiza, filled with tips and her experiences. When are YOU moving to the white island?

Marjolein and Martijn in IbizaPicture by Marjolein van Ommeren

10 tips to become a superstar DJ on Ibiza

This post had huge success on Stumble Upon and broke all records, with 2314 likes and reads. Being a DJ on Ibiza is still a hot topic and many girls and guys dream of a DJ career on the island. In this blog post you’ll find lots of tips from Rufus White who really did it and lives the dream of many others.

Rufus white IbizaPicture by Rufus White

Virgil is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Marisa he has a mission to help as many people all around the world to become better versions of themselves In body,mind and lifestyle. Ibiza is his base and the world is his stage.