7 Stunning Pictures Of Es Vedra That Will Blow Your Mind

Es Vedra Titile Pic
Es Vedra is one of the most magnetic places in the world. She is a frequent model on the pictures of thousands of tourists and she looks stunning during our famous Ibiza sunsets. Most of us only know her from the shore, but when you go around the magical mountain by boat you see another side to her. Here are 7 stunning pictures of Es Vedra in her full glory.


Es Vedra 1

Ibiza Love

Es Vedra 5

 A view from the back

Es Vedra3

 A magical sunset

Es Vedra4

 Her different faces

Es Vedra 7

Is Es Vedra truly magical..?

Es Vedra6

 A must see

Es Vedra2


As you know we could have probably made this list 700 amazing views as there is such a beautiful and energetic feel from her. Being one of the few magnetic fields in the world makes the energy amazing and we are sure everyone who has visited has their own special feeling and story.

Feel free to let us see your images of Es Vedra by chatting to us via IbizaInside’s Twitter page. Also, if you have never seen Es Vedra then check out our map of Ibiza and get down there. You will not be disappointed!!

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