A little bit about us...

We are Marisa & Virgil the founders of Ibiza Inside. Ibiza is our base and the world is our stage.

When you are fed up with how you look and feel, you like to move to another country, or finally set up that business, in short change your lifestyle, and you don´t know where to start then you have come to the right place.

We believe that every change of direction in life is based on 3 pillar:

A strong body that gives you the energy to keep on going even in tough times, a mindset to overcome, self doubt fear and lack of taking action. A lifestyle that you create based on your wishes and dreams for you and the people you care about.

We are going to share with you proven strategies and concepts to strengthen and tone your body, empower you with mindset skills to reach any goal that you have and assist you to build a road map to create a better lifestyle for yourself. 

If it is changing your body, change direction in life or setting up a business, Ibiza Inside is here for you.

It´s never the right time for change, so you better get started right now!

Who are Virgil & Marisa?

We decided to prepare well, pack our bags and move to Ibiza. In our heart we were ready to set up our business and new life. Our minds were filled with doubt and fear but we did it.

With Marisa´s management skills and birds eye view and Virgil's passion for sharing and teaching about online marketing, business, personal training and human behaviour, our journey started.

How do we know our stuff?

We are Marisa and Virgil. Two ordinary people from Holland just like you. We were living our busy lives in Amsterdam and we were quite happy. At least that is what we thought...

We had a dream that someday we would move to a country where the sun always shines, set up our own business and create a lifestyle that we have only dreamed about.

We got out of bed, we went to work, got back home and repeated this process 5/6 days a week. Don't get us wrong we had a great life back in Amsterdam.

But we wanted so much more out of life…

We prepared well, saved money and worked day and night. When others were partying we were planning, when others went out for dinner we were working.

Huge sacrifices were made in our personal lives but we managed to make  the move to Ibiza and set up our business.

Fast forward we set up Ibiza Inside a business coaching platform  and a successful personal training business called The Workout Club Ibiza. 

With all the experiences we´ve had over the years Ibiza Inside evolved into a personal development platform that empower people to become better versions of themselves in Body Mind and business.

We combined our years of experience in fitness, mindset and business in one space. We believe when you run a business you must be in excellent physical and mental condition. 

You need to be on top of your game each and every day when you are a entrepreneur.

We´ve coached hundreds of people with changing their body, mind and business. 

And now it is your turn. It's never the right time for change, so you better start now.

We will be by your side to empower you to become a better version of yourself in all aspects of you life.

Let´s start!

How a dream turned in to a reality

How Ibiza Inside was born


As your personal coaches we see it as an obligation to inspire and motivate you. When people are happy they have more energy and they accomplish far more things in their lives. That’s why we share happiness.

When you grow we grow

Why we love what we do


Life is a precious gift of nature and we cherish life. That’s why in our core values we try to educate people from all walks of life how to take care of body and mind. 

Everybody can change when they are guided and motivated to reach their goals in fitness and health and finally, in life.


One of the things Marisa always says is; “sharing is caring”. We will support people in need through various charity projects.

We will help  entrepreneurs reach their goals, we will share our knowledge and we’ll educate people all over the world about the benefits of creating a strong body a mindset to conquer the world and a lifestyle that you deserve.

Things we love

Virgil loves strength training and walking with flip flops or just barefoot. He loves South American music, learning the Bachata is high on his list. He is always smiling and having silly jokes with his training buddies is daily routine.

What makes us tick

Marisa loves to dance and lives for music. You will be amazed how quickly she can guess a song by hearing only the first seconds. Exercise plays a large role in her busy lifestyle, she loves to hang out with friends and you will find her in the kitchen a lot to try out new recipes.

The Ibiza Inside Family

Ibiza Inside is all about community online and offline

Now it´s your turn...

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