An interview with Emma Jean Sharpe, founder of fashion label Electric-Ibiza

Electric Ibiza

We are so proud that Hayley Leaver found the time to do a great Interview with Fashion designer Emma Jean Shape, founder of the fashion label Electric Ibiza. We always find it very inspiring to look behind the scenes of very creative people. Ibiza has a creative effect on a lot of different people from all over the world and our aim is to inspire you. So take a seat because here we go.

After finding love in Ibiza with her boyfriend Nick, Emma Sharpe decided to put her degree in contour fashion to good use and launch her own lingerie label here. Following her first year in business, we caught up with the former De Montfort University student to see how she is getting on.

Tell us about Electric-Ibiza?

Electric-Ibiza is a luxury body wear label that is based in Ibiza and specialises in bodysuits and lavish underwear. It tries to create pieces that can be worn both as underwear and outerwear, following the catwalk trends closely and using high-end quality fabrics and workmanship. Each piece is also hand crafted in Ibiza by the in-house team. The collection is designed to make every woman who wears it feel sexy and confident. I wanted to create pieces that could also be versatile, and be worn in the bedroom or teamed with jeans and heels for an outerwear look.

What attracted you to Ibiza?

Love! Of course my partner Nick is the main reason I started my business in Ibiza but I am so glad I did. I have always loved Ibiza and I think when you get the ‘Ibiza buzz’ it stays with you forever. I also think there is huge potential for any fashion label here because of the sheer volume of tourists that visit in the summer, all with a love of fashion.

Electric Ibiza

How did you find setting up your business here?

I don’t think it was any more difficult here than in the UK, but now I have the business running it is a lot more difficult for people outside of Ibiza to notice your brand. Luckily I have some great worldwide stockists that allow people to purchase the brand wherever they are. The main issue is the resources – I like to shop for my fabrics and be able to see and feel them in the flesh and in Ibiza that is a little restricted, so I have to source a lot of things off the island.

What has been the most valuable lesson you have learnt in business?

Not to expect everything to happen at once. In the beginning I wanted everything to happen quickly but now I have learnt that a respectable business that will last a lifetime takes time and love to build. At the moment I am just taking every step as it comes and building the business piece by piece.

Where do you live in Ibiza?

I live in Port Des Torrent, on the way to Cala Conta. I love the west coast. I definitely think we have some of the best beaches. 


   “Each piece is also hand crafted in Ibiza by the in-house team”

Emma's swimwear Ibiza

What are your favourite places on the island?

I have always loved Es Vedra, and even though I have seen it 50 times it still amazes me. I love just wondering around the old town too.

If you had one day left in Ibiza, how would you spend it?

I would take a walk through the woods near my home to Cala Conta. Swim in the crystal waters then head down to my favourite cafe on the marina for some yummy food and coffee, followed by the unforgettable sunset at Café Mambo.

What would you recommend everyone doing at least once here?

Charter a boat and explore the island’s beaches. Alternatively, head over to Formentera. It’s a truly amazing day out with friends.

For more information on Electric-Ibiza and the latest collections visit This wonderful post was written by Hayley Leaver you can connect with her on Twitter @Hayleyleaver What is your favourite fashion brand from Ibiza?

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