An interview with Reece Bates Ibiza lover and founder of Dirty Fresh Laundry

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Mr Reece Bates is one of those talented entrepeneurs that will not go unnoticed. We know each other quite a while now and we saw his Web store Dirty Fresh Laundry grow and grow. We ask some questions to Reece to give you a better insight in the mind of this talented designer. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Tell us about the man Reece Bates?

I’m 29 years old and people seem to like me as I’m well mannered and polite, but once the sun sets I love to party! Most important however: I’m the guy behind Dirty Fresh Laundry!

You started a web shop that sells fantastic t-shirts. Can you tell us something about the web shop?

The shop and website started as a platform for me to both post comments about and sell tees designed with all the things I’m interested in. There are many brands out there which make it even more important to have a personal touch and connect with the customer. I want people to see that there’s a real person behind dirty fresh laundry. I’m easily accessible, approachable and hopefully people see that and can relate to that.

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Do you have a background in Fashion design?

I have always worked within the industry but more on the production and manufacturing side. I’d say I’m a creative person in general, not only in design but pretty much in anything I put my hand to. I like to put my mark on things, for me it’s all about presentation and quality – it has to look good!

What is your connection with Ibiza?

I first went to Ibiza in 2001. I met my first proper girlfriend there and as cliché as it might sound, I fell in love… with the island. My relationship with my girlfriend was of short duration, but my affair with Ibiza has lasted much longer. Since then, I’ve been there at least twice every year! Back then, I knew  as soon as I got off the plane that Ibiza was a very special place. I experienced an exciting energy and  butterflies in my stomach. I still get it now, and I still can’t explain it, which, I guess, has made Ibiza’s magical allure remain special to me. My brand connection with Ibiza really boils  down to lifestyle, being free and wild. This is where the brand is now and the vision I have for the future is that it will always remain loyal to this foundation.

What does your perfect day in Ibiza look like?

Such a hard question!!!! There is so much to do! As much as I love going out on a mad one for days on end, I can easily enjoy a lazy day on the beach and a chill evening drinking with friends on a terrace. Last year my best day was on a Sunday at Bora Bora, which never disappoints. It can be like a home from home bumping into people from back home. At 4 pm the music cranks up and the marathon begins! The atmosphere and everyone dancing on the beach is absolute quality, I love it! When that finishes, it’s straight off to space and right through…only you can decide when enough is enough and when to call it a night.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

In all honesty, I don’t know. I’d say I get it from the people around me, the places I go to, the things I see and do. I can be out and about and I’ll just get an idea and from then on, it’s a butterfly effect. I find it hard to sit down and churn out ideas  since the best things come up when you’re not even trying. The most fulfilling part is turning these ideas into reality and creating a smashing end product!

Many DJs wear your t-shirts. Can you tell us who and what you are working on with them?

Over the last few Months i have been working very closely with underground party organisers Rhythmatic, These guys are a bubbling pot of ideas, help and inspiration as well as the team behind them. I have designed 2 limited edition tees for their 4th anniversary party, which look amazing. The very first DJ to wear my tees was friend of mine and long time Hed Kandi resident Andy Norman.

I’m really excited about all the new artists on board! I confirmed with Prok & Fitch last week and these 2 need no introduction at all, Will Clarke who is an extremely talented young producer, Hannah Wild who is drop dead gorgeous and very talented DJ/producer, as well as the face of a Paris based make up brand. Ive also got Flava D on board, she’s Signed to Wileys Eski beat label and the number 1 female UK grime producer! She’s beautiful and defiantly has the same ethos/underground roots as dirty fresh laundry, so I’m very happy to have her on board. I’ve designed Tees for Dirty Harris’s Maquina Music label and am putting the finishing touches to some Designs for Sonny Whartone’s, Whartone record label tees 

You are participating in a fashion show in London and we are going to collaborate in that event. Can you tell us about the event?

Well I have been offered a catwalk slot for a London cult women’s brand and I’m really buzzing about the opportunity! I plan on launching my women’s range, a new men’s tee collection and a men’s underwear range. I am also working on a collaboration with Boy Wonder. I’m still planning the finer details and if we  get the green light, it will be full steam ahead.

I can promise it’ll be something a little different and unique! The show will be held at a very popular central London venue China Whites as an after party event during the London Fashion Week at the end of February 2012. So its fingers, arms, legs and toes crossed!

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You are planning on expanding the brand in Ibiza. Can you tell us more about that…?

I was very lucky to stock the brand in Mambos last summer; you don’t really get much bigger than that, especially regarding the fact that it’s a new brand on the block. That was massive for me. Next year the offer is there to go back into Mambos. I haven’t decided yet, but I can say that I’m going to be working more closely and directly with people on ground level: DJs and bar staff, as  brand awareness is growing very much by word of mouth, which is exactly how I want it to grow.  

There’s still a lot of planning to be done and nothing is set in stone yet, but we have a lot of PR and promotional ideas and there is of course the competition that we will run with you guys… sending one lucky  winner to Ibiza for a photo shoot, which I’m very excited about!

When we say Ibiza you say…?

Go hard or go home!

When you like to learn more about Reece and his Dirty Fresh laundry, please feel free to visit his website at What is your favourite Ibiza online store?

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