An Interview with the Jörg Lindner about the 7 Pines Ibiza Resort

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Ibiza is the home of many beautiful resorts. In 2016 a brand new resort overlooking Es Vedra will be opening her doors.  Jörg Lindner  manging partner of Lindner Holding Group explains.

Thank you for your time with us. Before we start can you tell our readers who you are and what you do?

Well, first of all thank you so much for your time and interest in our project on Ibiza. My name is Jörg Lindner and I am a Managing Partner of the Lindner Holding Group and Managing Director from LIM (Lindner Investment Management). Together with Kai Richter, also Managing Director from LIM, we invest in real estate opportunities in the hotel and touristic sector. After an extensive refurbishment we bring properties back to the market. In some of our latest objects we see so much potential, that we decided to keep and run them ourselves.

You are about to start an exciting project in Ibiza called 7Pines. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes, I love to. 7Pines resort Ibiza is the name of our new five-star-resort that will open next season on Ibiza. With the acquisition of the former Delfin Playa hotel we succeeded in buying on of the most attractive pieces of land on the island. Opportunities like this are hard to find on the Island. The real estate market on this popular destination is almost worn out. At the same time there is still a demand for high-class accommodations. So we are very lucky to be able to provide our guests next season with the most wonderful view and highest class of enjoyment and relaxation they could dream about on one of the top grounds on Ibiza.

7 Pines Ibiza with stunning views of Es Vedra


There are many resorts in Ibiza. What will make 7Pines different?

Well, first of all there is the location! Our resort is located on the west coast of the island, embedded in the regional hilly landscape. Visitors are able to enjoy a majestically overlook and stunning view on of the shimmering sea and the famous Es Vedra from everywhere in the resort. One of the most attractive beaches on the island, Cala Conta, with the shimmering shades of blue in the water is only a kilometre away from our location. Directly in front of our hotel you will find yachts, boats and our private diving school.

In opposite to other top locations on the island, there won`t be a constant day party at 7Pines. We will create an oasis for body and soul, where luxurious products and the newest technologies e.g. in cold-treatments will allow the ultimate well-being. Nutritionists and Personal Trainers offer customized health treatments, detox-, workout- and weight loss programs. High quality aliments for our restaurants will provide our visitors with the best nutrition people can get.

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There are beautiful spots in the world. Can you share with us why you choose Ibiza for 7 Pines?

Ibiza is one of the most popular holiday destinations and has not reached its peak yet as the constant rise of visitor numbers prove. In 2014, 13 % more people than last year spend their holiday on the island. Furthermore, the number of passengers at the airport rose (has risen) from 4.572.819 guests in 2009 to 6.211.882 people in 2014. The openings of other resort like the Ushuaia, Destino or Hard Rock Hotel are a good example for the growing demand for exclusive travel to the island. Moreover, we recognized an increasing interest from North American travelers for destinations in the Euro zone. It is said that there will be a daily direct flight from New York to Ibiza next season. So we are absolutely sure that Ibiza is the top destination for our luxury, high-class hotel concept.

Your future guests will have a stunning view of the Es Vedra, what does Es Vedra means to you?

You know, this island has a stunning phenomenon to me. Whenever I come to Ibiza, it looks a bit different. The view never gets boring. With the chancing sky and weather (sun, clouds) and the shades and waves of the water around it, you can really get a different view on it every time I go there, and I am very much interested in photography, pictures of the island when I’m there. When you take a look at my collection of Es Vedra pictures you will see what I mean, none of them looks the same. So this unspoiled island with its natural reserve is an interesting phenomenon to me.


What is your favorite spot on the island and why?

The Cala Bassa Beach Club or the Cala Jondal, until we are opening! On no other place on the island you will be able to enjoy such a fantastic location and watch the most beautiful sundown every night from your apartment, suite or villa. As an active person I will enjoy all the water sport possibilities that are offered on our grounds and when I feel t to relax I have the most wonderful beaches (Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza just voted the Cala Conta number one of the best beaches on Ibiza) right around the corner. And all that luxury can be reached together with the capital city and the major clubs in a less than a 30-minute drive from the airport. Sitting near the beach, with a glass of white wine and probably the best Mediterranean seafood, enjoying the stunning view and the warm weather – honestly, what’s not to like?

When we say Ibiza you say?

At the edge of paradise.

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