An interview with Wilco Jung who visited Ibiza 18 times for his work

Wilco jung- Ibiza

People often wonder how it is to work with famous people every day. We were curious ourselves so we decided to ask Wilco Jung, owner of We Are The Night. Wilco creates stunning videos for Famous DJs across the globe. More than once Wilco worked with DJs like Tiësto and Armin van Buuren in Ibiza. So it is time to fire some interesting question towards Wilco. Are you ready to get a peek into the world of glitter and glamour?

Ibiza Inside: Well we are very happy that you are willing to give the interview. Let’s start by asking: who is Wilco Jung?

Wilco Jung: You’d better ask that question  to someone else, but I try to be an energetic and caring person whose creative outbursts say the lot.

Ibiza Inside: Can you tell us about your business We Are The Night?

We Are The Night is the production company that resides right in the middle of the EDM scene. Our mission is to enable our clients to reach out to their believers. Basically we do lots of tour videos and music videos. Last year we started an online video archive service which is used by clients like Black Hole Recordings. We opened  a Los Angeles branch of We Are The Night just this week. Very important  is that we love what we’re doing. Over the past years our clients included Labels and DJs from all over the world: Miami based Juicy Music label run by Robbie Rivera, of course our Dutch DJ big shots like Tiësto, Armin van Buuren or our Swedish friend Avicii.

Ibiza Inside: Well that is a serious list of names. Can you tell us what your connection to Ibiza is?

Wilco Jung: My connection with the isle dates back to 2007. Friends of mine always kept ranting about how awesome the island was. Back then my (ex)girlfriend and me decided to spend our summer holiday on the white isle. After that holiday, I went back again later in the same season for the closing parties. Immediately I was hooked on the white isle. I never skipped a year till now. Actually,


“I’ve counted my visits to Ibiza and it ranks up to 18 times since 2007.”


Ibiza Inside: So we are going to see you a lot in Ibiza the coming years. You shot a lot of footage for Tiësto; can you tell us more about that?

Wilco Jung: If you know the name, you probably know his achievements. He’s undoubtedly one of the founders of EDM as we know it. My work with him started back in 2009, when I got the call from his (former) booking agent Dimitri de Wit from Manilla, asking me if I wanted to join him on the summer tour. As you can imagine, I didn’t have to think about that one for long. It all went crazy from there, the first weekend I flew from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, rushed into a taxi to another airfield, got into a private jet to Skive. After the gig in Skive, I got back on the jet to Copenhagen on the same night and hit some clubs. Next day the Copenhagen show was on, with about 15k visitors.


“Then I flew directly to Ibiza with another private jet for the opening” 

Wilco jung- Ibiza

Tiësto’s residency in Ibiza is really a must see for every visitor on the Isle. The show really goes above and beyond what you expect musically and show wise.

Ibiza Inside: This question is burning in a lot of the readers’ minds. How it is to work with famous DJs…

Wilco Jung: I can imagine that. It’s wild at parts, the flying, discussion with management, short sleep and maxed out attention wise, especially when fans come in. You’ve got to be at the top of your game at all times, feeling sick isn’t an option. What I always do is strip off the whole famous part. I can’t work with someone if I consider him ‘famous’, we’re both doing a professional job and together with the sound engineer, light jockey, tour manager etc. we’re the team that makes sum of one.

To be honest, if you wake up and walk to the espresso machine in your boxer short and someone suddenly  asks you to make one for him too, while also dressed in a boxer short, you really don’t feel any fame anymore.

Ibiza Inside: What is the funniest thing that happened in Ibiza during your work?

Wilco Jung: Lots of strange things happen on the isle constantly, but going to a Armin van Buuren night at Amnesia, hitting to many drinks there with the David Lewis guys and then coming back at the Tiësto villa watching the rest leave to the airport while lying on a poolside bed, was a really big “WTF! just happened” moment.

Ibiza Inside: What tips can you give to young entrepreneurs?

Wilco Jung: Don’t be a prick! Follow your heart. Be assured that what you do is special; your work should always be the best it can possibly be.

Ibiza Inside: Well that is some solid advice. Now for something completely different. What is your favourite club in Ibiza and why?

Wilco Jung: it’s Privilege with a really big production, my first time there was with Manumission. That was out of this world. If you want to have an intimate club night, then it’s main room Amnesia for sure.

Ibiza Inside: When we say Ibiza you say?

Es Vedra! Get your ass over there, watch the sun go down, you’ll love life so much.

When you like to learn more about Wilco Jung feel free to take a look at his website or click here to see one of his movies

Did you ever worked in Ibiza?

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  1. Great interview Wilco!

    Typical ‘Dutch no-nonsense, get the job done and love it’ attitude.

    Read and learn, peepz. Follow you passion but work hard ;-)!