A fresh new look for Bambuddha

Bambuddha Ibiza entrance

There are many restaurants on the island and one of the most famous ones is Bambuddha, formally know as Bambuddha Grove. The owner John Moon has managed to create a temple that happens to serve refreshments. We went to Bambuddha to try it out for you and this is what we experienced. Grab yourself a good glass of wine. Are you ready…?

From Bambuddha Grove to Bambuddha Ibiza

For the regular visitor of our beautiful island Bambuddha Grove is an icon. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is just stunning. When you take a seat at one of the spaces in the restaurant your mind wanders off to Bali. But wake up quick because you are in Ibiza. Every good concept needs to refresh sometimes. And that is exactly what John and his team did. The first change is the name from Bambuddha Grove to just Bambuddha Ibiza.

 A fresh new look

You can say that the restaurant really has matured and changed in a positive way. The new general manager, Jonjon the son of John has managed to create a fresh new look together with his father. When you enter the restaurant today you will find a beautiful open space with big pillars in the middle of the area. On your right hand side you will find a cocktail bar were you can relax until your table is ready.

Bambuddha Bar area

Friendly staff makes you feel at home

We were treated very well by friendly the staff of Bambuddha Ibiza. Every little thing is geared towards service and hospitality. The waiters have time for a friendly chat and they make you feel at home in mere seconds. We were spoiled with a fantastic 5 course menu which we will not share in extreme detail, not because we don’t want to… but because we would like you to go for yourself and experience first hand what kind of magic the chef performs in the kitchen.

Lamb from heaven served in a temple

What we would like to reveal about the menu is the lamb dish. We were sitting at the table with the new general manager Jonjon, who happens to be half Dutch, so it was a little Dutch connection. He explained that this lamb, which melts on your tongue by the way, was cooked very slowly for 24 hours. Can you imagine what kind of preparation that must be in the kitchen…? We were spoiled to the max, and we highly recommend that you will let yourself get spoiled when you are on the white island for your dream holiday.

We love deserts at Bambuddha Ibiza

Deserts at Bambuddha

Our conclusion

Ibiza veterans you don’t have to worry… Bambuddha Ibiza has matured and came out better than the old version. The restaurant breaths the sexual and spiritual nature. Change is scary sometimes, but in Bambuddha’s case change was for the better. We will sign off with the words of John Moon “Bambuddha is a temple that happens to serve refreshments.” We say amen to just that. If you enjoy being spoilt while on a holiday in Ibiza, we are more than happy to arrange a great table for you at Bambuddha. Our Ibiza Inside service is at your service. 

written by Virgil Brewster

Marisa is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Virgil she has a mission to empower as many people around the world to become better versions of themselves in body mind and lifestyle. Marisa is ready to move you in to action, and she will share beautiful Ibiza with you at the same time.

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  1. Boudewijn Deen

    Can not agree more than Ibiza Inside. We went there 2 weeks ago and decided to end our holiday there each time in our future Ibiza trips. The kindness, food and toys in the toilet 🙂 overwhelmed us…see you next time

  2. Ewoud en Paula

    We are very curious to find out next time we are on Ibiza again!

  3. Jullie zullen het super vinden Ewoud en Paula! Dank jullie wel voor jullie reactie! Groetjes Marisa

  4. Ha, Boudewijn! wat fijn dat jullie het zo leuk hebben gehad. Tot een volgende keer op ibiza! Groetjes Marisa

  5. Dee

    Thank yu for the great article. The decor and layout looks inviting and adorable. I would love to visit the venue during my Ibiza trip. I am a vegetarian, so the lamb dish I will not be able to eat.

  6. You are more then welcome Dee. We are looking forward seeing you soon in Ibiza…:)

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