BassBuds, ear-fashion for Ibiza music lovers

Sometimes a new brand launches on the island that gets Ibiza Inside extra excited. Most of the time it’s something to do with fashion, or glamour or music. This time it’s a combination of all the above!

Bassbuds & Bassboomz

I had the pleasure of using the new in-ear headphones by ‘BassBuds‘, as well as their portable speaker ‘BassBoomz’. This young brand is launching in Ibiza and the fashionable headphones have already been spotted on celebrities overseas. They have received raving reviews from DJ’s and producers, and now it’s our turn to put them to the test.

headphones in Ibiza

‘’Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…’’

I have to admit I was already in love with these headphones before opening the box! The packaging looks like a box from a jeweller. Perfectly suited to the product inside, which is decorated with genuine Swarovski elements. ‘’Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…’’ but I think the look and feel of these headphones make them a really nice present for any friend.

Crystal clear sound

Now, putting them to the test. A 5km run, next to a very busy road and with planes constantly taking off above my head. Living next to the Ibiza airport means it’s noisy at the best of times, so it was the perfect location for a serious sound check. First thing I notice is that these headphones fit really snugly and don’t fall out during my run, like my previous ones. Ok, they are not made especially for sports, but good to know they can be used for this purpose too. For the next 30 minutes I don’t hear anything but good tunes, pretty much no car or plane noise comes through! And the actual sound is crystal clear. Run on!


Using BassBuds to learn Spanish…

learn Spanish in Ibiza

Backyard bliss

I also put them to the test in the backyard, during daily study hour. Again plane noise, this time combined with barking dogs and music coming from the next door neighbours. Normally not really the best place to study. However, it has become my favourite study corner. Language app downloaded on my IPhone, BassBuds in, and learning Español has never been so relaxed.

The Bassboomz speaker

The ‘BassBoomz’ speaker also came in handy. Used during our outdoor work-out sessions, it was lovely to have some music without having to carry anything extra but the tiny speaker. All you need is a good track-list on your phone and this speaker and you are guaranteed hours of good music, loud, and anywhere you like! Keep an eye out for these colourful little gems, we think you’ll love them too.

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