Dancing on the beach at Beach Club Sa Trinxa

Imagine brown sexy bodies lined up on the beach. Flirting is a common game. Do you like to be on a beach with the most sexy people in the world? Then this post is for you!

Where can you find Sa Trinxa?

On the beach of Las Salinas, on your far left, you find beach club Sa Trinxa. You can recognize the beach club straight away by the palm tree leaves on the roof. The beach club itself is nothing fancy and hasn’t changed since its start in the 70s. It is still a simple wooden beach bar and therefore brings back memories the moment we arrive…Ibiza without Sa Trinxa is impossible to imagine. Just like neighbouring Jockey Club is responsible for creating some of our best memories over the last years and we still love going to Sa Trinxa.


Fashion and party scene

The beach club is a favourite among those from the fashion and party scene as well as the trendy innovators. They come to the club to work on their tan, get in the mood for another fantastic evening in town or they try to collect a free-entrance wristband distributed by the promo teams of the big clubs. Often people start dancing on the beach, especially when owner Jon Sa Trinxa is DJing with (or without) the many great musicians who are playing there. Sax players, guitarists, violists, conga drummers… all drop by to entertain the beach guests

Besides dancing on the beach you can also go to Sa Trinxa for a relaxing massage. If you decide to go to the beach out of the blue, then that’s not a problem either, since you can buy a new bathing suit in the boutique.

Make a reservation

Drinks, food and the staff: neither of these give any ground for complaining. Sa Trinxa is just a great beach club to go to. However, there is just one tiny flaw: Sa Trinxa does not have enough sun beds to provide for all their guests. This means that if you don’t make a reservation, you might end up with the bad luck of not being able to get a sun bed. But hey, with all that dancing on the beach….who needs a sun bed?!


Sa Trinxa is open from May until October. To read more about Sa Trinxa or to check their events, go to their website.

Head to Las Salinas and go to Sa Trinxa to dance on the tunes of Ibiza icon Jon Sa Trinxa!

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