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Hi people! Hope you’re all having a great 2013 so far! Wow, cannot believe we are already into February. For me 2013 has already kicked off to a great start, and I hope yours has to. So what’s happening in my world I hear you ask? Well with our brand new Radio Show ‘The Blast’ streaming out live across the airwaves on Castle Club Radio, a new station based on yet another party capital Ayia Napa and hosting great shows from the likes of Jon Fitz, Ibiza favourite and part of the production team Herd & Fitz, the workload is by no means in any way slowing down. Of course I do have time to write this blog for Ibiza Inside as I am very happy to be here and it’s another great way of communicating with you guys & girls on what’s going on. Huge respect to Virgil, Marisa and the team… it feels great to be part of the II Family! 

What makes great radio entertainment

So with the launch of The Blast kick-starting in January I thought this month I’d focus on what makes great radio entertainment. It seems to me that many stations playlist what’s current and on a variety of different shows you often get the same structure offered as a listener. That’s why joining Castle Club Radio has already been a great experience as we just want to bring back the true essence of house music and our love and passion in sourcing and finding great music just for you, delivering it to you amazing people at home. This is what it used to be like back in the day….Pirate radios going to all those extreme lengths in infiltrating the airwaves to bring their love in music to their audience, even though this was once frowned upon by radio stations and nowadays is still considered a negative way to broadcast. This said many stations took the airwaves by storm and took a huge audience away from the mainstream stations. So much so that in fact some gained such a huge listenership they were granted a licence to broadcast for example in the UK; Kiss FM Started out as a pirate station and today is still broadcasting as a national station to thousands of new listeners every week.

Is radio old fashioned?


Radio on Ibiza

I love the spirit of true radio. Ibiza is the home to some great music and great radio. One station I love is Ibiza Global Radio which I personally have been tuning into since first finding out about the station. It’s great as well with online radio we can listen to the stations we love even if we are tuned in from another country… I’ve been locked into Ibiza Global Radio for months! It’s a great station and truly does reflect the true identity of Ibiza’s club culture in every show. Online radio has provided people with the variety and choice in music like never before. It opened up a world of choice and expression which can be broadcast to be loved by people all over the world. This to me reflects the positivity of music and how through using radio as a platform we can once again come together as a community: one community under a groove of sounds and beats. Sounds exciting!


Global Radio

The Castle Club.com

So with that in mind we will be preparing a selection of the best sounds around today…You can find us every Wednesday evening on www.TheCastleClub.com . Looking forward to your requests and shout outs! 😉 Oh and we are planning some broadcasts live from Ibiza in the Summer so if you are visiting the island at all between May and October make sure you come by and say hi! Keep checking out my blogs on Ibiza Inside for more information and please do subscribe. Hearing from so many like-minded people really does lighten up my day. Therefore I just want to take this opportunity in my blog this month to say a massive thank you for your continued support and for all the kind messages on our social networks from you great people. The summer is shaping up to be a fantastic 6 months on the Island and with positive thinking I hope we can bring to you great parties, great radio and most of all great blogs every month. So thanks again for the love! To say I’m in love with radio… That would be a massive yes with both arms open wide ….Let’s get it started and remember to keep it locked.

See you next month on the Blast Blog… Thanks again people and have an awesome month full of positivity! See you in March……..

Top 10 downloads by Alexander J

Last month I gave you a selection of my personal 10 top picks on the download and out there now! This month it’s another selection of 10 of the best. Make sure you check out the labels they’ve all been released on… They have a great selection of tracks available in their catalogue with some releases great for those sun drenched days on the beach on Ibiza. Information just for you here at Ibiza Inside. All tracks available on Beatport. Download them @ www.Beatport.com

  1. Reach Out To Me (Soul Avengerz Remix)
  2. Conga feat. Lety (Rio Dela Duna Remix)
  3. Funk You Come Again (Filthy Rich Remix)
  4. 32 Km (Stefano Noferini Vibe Mix)
  5. Burujava (Stefano Noferini 2012 Remix)
  6. Noferini 2012 Remix)
  7. Symphony (Mike Vale Remix)
  8. Music Is feat Velma Dandzo (Jack House Mix)
  9. Dandzo (Jack House Mix)
  10. Lovin You (Jon Fitz Sunset Mix)

Alexander J has a keen passion for dance music. He has hosted his own brands in and around the UK and has promoted & played for several major brands as a DJ mainly based in London, UK. In such a short space of time Alexander J has already started to gain a very loyal following for his energetic DJ sets behind the box, the love for sharing his sound, and general lust for life! His live sound consists mainly of House / Tech house. In 2012 he is looking forward to new production with Sound Blast Stereo and taking his sound across new borders reaching out to people with the feeling of electronic music across the world to enjoy

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