Cafeteria Ca’n Jordi Ibiza

Cafeteria Ca'n Jord in Ibiza

We love Ibiza for many reasons but for now we want to highlight one of our favourite activities in Ibiza: going out for lunch or a good dinner. Michael Bennet shared a fantastic little place called Cafeteria Ca’n Jordi with us. Because we haven’t visited Ca’n Jordi yet, we’d like to give the floor to our friend Michael Bennet:

A typical Ibiza Cafeteria

A little rustic wooden restaurant, located high up in a pine forest close to the cliff edge. It’s a great place for lunch with inside and outside seating on a few wooden tables. At Ca’n Jordi you can get great barbecued meat and fish and seafood dishes, including excellent Paella and Fideúás. When you are more of an adventurous type, the surroundings are fantastic for hiking. If you are lucky you will even find a Phoenician ruin nearby, which I think is only open for lunch. Try to get there before sunset. In the small open space facing the sea there are amazing panoramic views of the coast and the sea down a steep cliff, so don’t forget to bring your camera.

                          A beautiful view from Cafetaria Ca’n Jord in Ibiza

Cafeteria Ca'n Jord Ibiza

A car is a must on Ibiza

You must have a car to get there and once you leave Santa Inés you will not see any more signs although it is a straight road from thereon with pretty views of the almond blossom in February. This is not a fancy, trendy Ibiza club restaurant, but a simple typical restaurant. Drive from San Antonio into Santa Inés to the T-junction and turn left at the sign for Cafeteria Ca’n Jordi. Follow the road for 1.5 kilometres until you come across the wooden restaurant, located in the pine forest with fantastic cliff top views and sunsets.

Cafeteria Ca’n Jordi
Las Puertas del Cielo Cami des Plá de Corona
Km 1.5 Santa Inés de Corona
+34 680 96 47 96 or +34 616 06 15 59

We thank Michael Bennet for the lovely review he wrote for our blog. Michael has another talent as well: He creates fantastic music remixes. So, if you like some relaxed music before you go to sleep, listen to Michael’s music here. When was your last trip to Ibiza?

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