The Camping life in Ibiza


At this moment we have so much fun sitting on a bench overlooking the sunset. We would love to see your faces now when you are thinking, what in name of…do they mean with a ‘glamping’?!

Well, as we see it: going to Ibiza can have a very glamorous character. People never know in which kind of place you stay while you burn some calories on the dance floor or have dinner in a fancy restaurant. According to Marisa, a glamping is a regular camping that has far more to offer than any basic camping site. When somebody asks you where you stay, you can tell that person: “well, I’m staying at a glamping!”. We can guarantee that all the attention is directed to you, since everyone wants to know what a ‘glamping’ is 😉

The white island has a few fantastic camping sites where you can put up your tent, park your caravan or where you can rent lovely little bungalow tents. Anyone saying that one cannot go to Ibiza on a tight budget, should think again. Ibiza is for everybody!

Here you can find a list of Ibiza’s finest camping sites including a little summary of what you can find there.


Camping Es Cana

Camping Es Cana is fantastic because you can rent small chalets, bungalows and you can even rent a real Indian Tipi. Hiawatha here we come! Camping Es Cana is near the Hippy market and beach and offers all types of facilities that you can expect from a good Glamping, such as a swimming pool and sun beds.

Camping Cala Bassa

Camping Cala Bassa, near Cala Bassa beach, is very nice and clean. You can rent all types of accommodations from tents and caravans to small canvas bungalows. If you want to relax and feel like a true gypsy, you should go to Camping Cala Bassa.

Camping Cala Nova

Camping Cala Nova is a fantastic clean camping site. We were there last year because one of our good friends used to stay there during summertime. The wooden bungalows and mobile homes are for rent for the real glamour tourist. The beach is at a 2 minutes’ walk from the site. There is a lovely little supermarket where you can find freshly baked bread all day long.


Camping San Antonio

Speaking of a true glamping, well here’s one. This camping is located near, the – as the English call it – party capital of the world, San Antonio. The site offers everything the true Ibiza fan needs. There’s a swimming pool, a car and scooter rental, a bar/restaurant and much more. You can rent smaller and bigger bungalows but also tents if you really want to walk on the wild side 😉

Camping La Playa

Camping La Playa lies next to the fantastic Cala Martina beach. This is a fairly basic camping site but it still offers the possibility to rent a bungalow, ranging from very simple to more exclusive types where you can enjoy Ibiza as well as the fantastic restaurants on the beach to the fullest!.

Pack your bags and head to a Glamping on Ibiza!

Marisa is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Virgil she has a mission to empower as many people around the world to become better versions of themselves in body mind and lifestyle. Marisa is ready to move you in to action, and she will share beautiful Ibiza with you at the same time.

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