Can you find good Curry restaurants on Ibiza?

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There are few good curry restaurants on Ibiza. For the people who do not know what a curry restaurant is well here it comes… We are from Holland and the first time we heard about a curry restaurant was on Ibiza. The English define a curry restaurant as a place where you can find the same great Indian food that you can find in Brick Lane or the Balti triangle. We like to talk about one restaurant in particular that is called The Raving Ruby and which is located in San Antonio. Sit back and relax because here is the first Ibiza Inside restaurant review.

San Antonio

As many people know, San Antonio is very popular among the English people. Some people say that San Antonio is the party capital of the world. It is a very lively and energetic town and during the summer it is mainly populated by English youngsters. We love  the other parts of Ibiza more but one of our friends invited us to San Antonio to have dinner with some friends. After a few drinks in the harbour   we started to walk  the busy streets of San Antonio’s West End towards The Raving Ruby. In Amsterdam we have some good Indian restaurants so we really already knew how good curry is supposed to taste. In the heart of San Antonio’s West End we entered a cute little restaurant that is called The Raving Ruby.

Our Curry adventure begins

Once inside doubts start to crawl into our minds…the place looked very nice but it seemed that there were still some decorations that had to be finished. We sat down and started a conversation with the owner Danny Hayward, a typical English guy with the typical English accent. So for us Duchies’ we had to really concentrate to understand what Danny was saying. Danny explained that he fell in love with the island and that he wanted to open a business in Ibiza. Many people share Danny’s dream but he really pulled it off. Danny continued his story. Because he did not have any idea what kind of business he would like to open, he just thought  “what do I love most?”  The only answer that popped up in his mind was “Curry”. Therefore, with no experience of running a restaurant Danny hired a place in San Antonio, he had two of the best cooks from the sub continent Punjab fly in and he just started.

Isn’t that just an amazing story?!  

The time to take a seat at the table came and we looked at the friendly waitress while many very good looking dishes were served on the table. After Danny’s inspiring story our curiosity was burning in our minds. “How will this magnificent looking food taste?”


Our conclusion

The food at The Raving ruby is fantastic. In all honesty we never expected this high quality of delicious food. We tasted all kind of dishes, the assorted platter of marinated chicken and lamb Tikka, the seekh kebab cooked in the clay oven up to the Madras. Even for  vegetarians The Raving Ruby has fantastic dishes to offer. Everything is cooked fresh and it tastes fantastic. The raving Ruby is very affordable;  tourist meals are offered starting from 15 Euros and a workers menu for 10 Euros. We can tell you that you get a lot of food for your 15 Euros. The other good thing is that the restaurant is open from 6 pm till 1 am and you can take away your food if you like. You can find The Raving Ruby in the heart of San Antonio’s West End between Calle de Vara Rey and Calle de San Antoni  or you can give them a call at 660096258 for reservations or orders.

We give The Raving Ruby 4 stars out of 5 for their excellent food and great service. When you are in San Antonio and you love curry we recommend that you pay Danny and his team a visit.

Feel free to share your favourite restaurants share with us below in the comment box. And if you like us to review a restaurant on Ibiza just sent us a message.

Marisa is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Virgil she has a mission to empower as many people around the world to become better versions of themselves in body mind and lifestyle. Marisa is ready to move you in to action, and she will share beautiful Ibiza with you at the same time.

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  1. darren pearson

    Great food, first curry ive had in ibiza that truly satisfied the craving for a good curry…. great experience…

  2. Thank you for the kind words Darren.
    We are looking forward seeing you again here on the island.

    Virgil & Marisa

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  5. Kirk Field

    Been working/visiting Ibiza for 20 years and I’ve never tasted better Indian food than Ravin Ruby’s. Amazing value, freshly prepared dishes and always a relaxed vibe from Danny.
    Their Checken Byriani is so good I’m ashamed to say I ate it 3 nights on the run!
    I recommend it to all my guests

  6. Thank you for your comment … In 2012 the raving Ruby will be open again…

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  9. Peter Savage

    Curry Palace on San Antonio Bay is far superior to Ravin Ruby