A typical Spanish dish is Paella. Paella is a rice dish which is named after the pan: the Latin word for pan is patella (paella), in which the dish is prepared.

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Sal de Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for its salt and the salt flats in the “Ses Salinas natural parc” have a long and rich history. For almost 2,800 years, and long before tourism discovered the island, Ibiza’s salt has been a leading source of export for the rest of the world.

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Ecological Ibiza

Orange salesman Ibiza 2

For some Ibiza is only known for its parties, for some because of the fantastic weather and spiritual vibes and then there is a handful that just know all the big supermarkets. However, did you know that Ibiza also has its fair share of modest ecological farmers who sell their products straight from their land?

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Finding Ibiza’s Laid-Back Side



Many fall in love with Ibiza on a youthful holiday, and return later to explore the more relaxed and intimate side of the island. It’s a great opportunity to discover Ibiza as an island of great natural beauty with much more to offer than nightlife. There is a wealth of options for those seeking to escape the modern world, with offerings from agro-tourism hotels (home and farms converted into hotels) to spas and yoga retreats.

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Wild Beets Ibiza by Rachel Wake


I was recently fortunate enough to visit Wild Beets, the latest vegan/raw food restaurant to open on the island. Wild Beets is like a breath of fresh air for me. Being vegan in Ibiza has in the past been slightly tricky when eating out but it seems times are changing and more and more eateries are offering vegan friendly options. Even better, more and more vegan restaurants are opening up. Continue reading…

Portraits of Ibiza’s Sleeping Giants

El Chiringuito2 web

We have said it before and we will say it again, Ibiza winters is where it’s at.

While the island is detoxifying and recharging, her most spectacular day and night haunts have gone into a peaceful period of hibernation.

Photographer and Ibiza resident Jos Kottmann managed to capture some of these much loved household names in all their magnificent dormant splendour for this amazing tribute. Continue reading…

8 Things To NOT Do To Get Jobs In Ibiza


Ibiza is not usually associated with business but the opportunities on this island are huge, especially for small businesses. Over the years we have built up great relationships with business owners and also people looking to work in Ibiza, so it is no surprise when you read todays list of some of the hilarious things we have been told, or heard, people say in interviews. So, if you are looking for jobs in Ibiza, here is what NOT to say in an interview. Continue reading…

My Ibiza Holiday by Wendy Beentjes

Beautiful #Ibiza skies in Santa Eulalia
First thing I noticed on arrival in Ibiza was a man with a string of beads hanging from his beard, his whole body was full of adornments and he was painted black and blue. Only later did I find out that Jean-Cristoph was just about to head off for his weekly stint at Es Canar Hippy Market , celebrating its 40 year anniversary. Continue reading…

The coolest hotels in Ibiza

Ibiza offers many choices when it comes to great hotels. But if you are looking for a really funky place to stay, something a bit special, how do you know which one to pick? We created a list of 5 cool and hip hotels in Ibiza. Are you ready for your ultimate Ibiza experience…? Lets get in the holiday mood! Continue reading…

Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort where luxury meets cool, sexy and trendy

Ibiza has a lot to offer for the luxury traveller. The Pacha brand is known as one of the oldest and most famous lifestyle brands on Ibiza. From the prestigious Club Pacha, restaurant and hotel and luxurious Lio, Pacha added a new venue for the luxury traveler called Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort. We went to this stunning resort to have a taster of what Pacha has to offer to you. Continue reading…

My magical trip to Ibiza

‘!Hasta Julio!’, Juan, my taxi driver smiled and winked as he dropped me off at Eivissa airport. I smiled and winked back. I had waited a year to finally go back to Ibiza again and this was the end of an extremely pleasant week at start of the season. ‘It’s quiet now, but give it a few weeks and things will be loco’, Juan assured me at the start of our drive from the North-East back to the South of Ibiza. Having been a regular visitor for some time, I knew especially in the South things would be beyond loco. My heart, over recent years, has been stolen by the magnificent North though. Continue reading…

Restaurant Sa Caleta on Ibiza

Sa Caleta by Michael Bennett
Yes he is back! Our very own Michael Bennett. This time he takes you to a wonderful fish restaurant called; Sa Caleta. Are you ready to be inspired, to book your flight to Ibiza and book yourself a table at Sa Caleta…? Then this post is for you. Continue reading…