Dining and dancing at Km5 Ibiza

KM5--logo prueba

On the road from the airport to San Jose, on your left hand at the 5, 6 kilometres sign to be precise; you’ll find Km5. Km5 opened its doors in 1994. What 400 years ago used to be an old finca, became one of the main hotspots of the island when it comes to wining, dining and dancing. Ibiza without Km5 is difficult to imagine.
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Ibiza Inside presents The Blast blog by Alexander J

Aleksader J Music Ibiza
Hi party people and music worshippers alike.Welcome to my third blog for my fantastic spiritual family at Ibiza Inside. Can’t believe its March and already three months into 2013. My oh my how time moves fast. As we are in March and spring is upon us it’s safe to say that summer isn’t too far away. And of course summer means lots of parties, sunshine and togetherness on Ibiza! Continue reading…

Ibiza Love Radio Love

Alexander Sound-blast Stereo-j
Hi people! Hope you’re all having a great 2013 so far! Wow, cannot believe we are already into February. For me 2013 has already kicked off to a great start, and I hope yours has to. So what’s happening in my world I hear you ask?  Continue reading…

10 tips to become a superstar DJ in Ibiza

DJ in Ibiza


‘Where do I start when I want to make it as a DJ in Ibiza?’ is a question we often receive. And we spent a few blogposts on the subject.Our friend Rufus White has quite a track record as a DJ in Ibiza and he gave us 10 tips to share with you about what you must do to become the next superstar DJ in Ibiza. Are you ready to become famous? Continue reading…

How to become a superstar DJ in Ibiza

Youri Claessens Photography

How to become the next superstar DJ? People are attracted to Ibiza for different reasons. They like to party or just want to work on their tan on the beach and enjoy their holiday. But there are people who like to make it big time as a famous DJ. In this post we’d like to reach out a helping hand to those who want to make their dream become reality. Read here how we can help you in your quest of becoming a famous DJ in Ibiza.

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