History of beautiful Ibiza

Ibiza is the largest of a group of the western Balearic islands, called the Pityûssai or “Pine covered Islands”. The Greeks gave the name Pityûssai to the island. The Balearic Islands include over fifty islands, most of them are uninhabited.  Ibiza has a very rich history and many tribes saw the beauty of the island, its minerals and its strategic position. Here is a brief summary of the island’s history from the first settlers to the cosmopolitan island that it is today.

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Ecological Ibiza

Orange salesman Ibiza 2

For some Ibiza is only known for its parties, for some because of the fantastic weather and spiritual vibes and then there is a handful that just know all the big supermarkets. However, did you know that Ibiza also has its fair share of modest ecological farmers who sell their products straight from their land?

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Dining and dancing at Km5 Ibiza

KM5--logo prueba

On the road from the airport to San Jose, on your left hand at the 5, 6 kilometres sign to be precise; you’ll find Km5. Km5 opened its doors in 1994. What 400 years ago used to be an old finca, became one of the main hotspots of the island when it comes to wining, dining and dancing. Ibiza without Km5 is difficult to imagine.
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Finding Ibiza’s Laid-Back Side



Many fall in love with Ibiza on a youthful holiday, and return later to explore the more relaxed and intimate side of the island. It’s a great opportunity to discover Ibiza as an island of great natural beauty with much more to offer than nightlife. There is a wealth of options for those seeking to escape the modern world, with offerings from agro-tourism hotels (home and farms converted into hotels) to spas and yoga retreats.

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What’s stopping you moving to Ibiza?


“You’re not leaving this room until you’ve figured out what you want”, I said to myself, just after declaring that this couldn’t go on. I had been stuck at a crossroad for months, fighting with being unable to figure out what I wanted to do next with my life and being certain that there was something more out there for me. If only I could figure out what that more was.

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Wild Beets Ibiza by Rachel Wake


I was recently fortunate enough to visit Wild Beets, the latest vegan/raw food restaurant to open on the island. Wild Beets is like a breath of fresh air for me. Being vegan in Ibiza has in the past been slightly tricky when eating out but it seems times are changing and more and more eateries are offering vegan friendly options. Even better, more and more vegan restaurants are opening up. Continue reading…

Portraits of Ibiza’s Sleeping Giants

El Chiringuito2 web

We have said it before and we will say it again, Ibiza winters is where it’s at.

While the island is detoxifying and recharging, her most spectacular day and night haunts have gone into a peaceful period of hibernation.

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7 steps to move to Ibiza


1 Find your bearings

You fell in love with Ibiza for a reason and it goes without saying that you know it well. If you haven’t done so already see if you can stay for longer periods at a time and definitely spend plenty of time here off-season. Ibiza winters is where it’s at, everyone gets to make time for one another and the island shows you her most amazing side in all its magnificent splendour. Continue reading…

Meet Wendy Beentjes Blogger for Ibiza Inside and founder of The Language Brigade


At Ibiza Inside we love supporting small, local businesses and this happens to be one we love dearly. Meet Wendy, there’s much more to this girl than just being our top blogger. Rapidly on the rise as the girl who makes your business, blog and magazine look great, Wendy loves putting pen to paper in order to get a good story across. You might know her from many a blog post she penned for the likes of us, we love this lady! Continue reading…