Meet Marlon and Edwin the´ve set up their business online and live in Ibiza

Marlon and Edwin Ibiza

Are you ready to move to another country but you are stuck in your business? We invite you to read this inspiring interview with two serial entrepreneurs. Meet Marlon and Edwin, they have organised their business in such a way that they can live in Ibiza, and work with their clients in Holland using nothing more then a lap top and wifi. This is their story. Continue reading…

Our move to Ibiza from a fairy tale to a nightmare to a new life

Most people only dream about a better lifestyle. They dream about about changing their body, moving to a new country or setting up a business.

Most people know what to do, but get stuck in doubt, fear and uncertainty. They over-analyse and wonder, years later, why they have still not moved forward.

This is NOT the Ibiza Inside way. Continue reading…

Running A Business In Ibiza by Pop digital founder Liam O’Dowd

Pop Digital Ibiza
 My obsession with Ibiza started when I was just 5 years old. After seeing a feature on the island on a TV holiday program I begged and pleaded with my parents to take me there that summer. They set up an elaborate trick where I looked around the airport shop while my Dad checked us into a flight they had booked in secret. I had no idea we were going on holiday when we apparently snuck through passport control and onto an aeroplane illegally. Perhaps the magic and excitement of that little prank is the reason I love Ibiza and that’s why I came back every year after my first visit at 18, and moved here last year. Continue reading…