How to choose a personal trainer in Ibiza


It is great that there are many people who come to Ibiza and like to continue with their training whilst on their holiday. There are many talented trainers in Ibiza, but precisely how do you choose the one that comes closest to your trainer back home? In this post we share with you how we choose our trainers.

Get a fitness test

When you meet a trainer it is important that he or she knows what your personal health history is. If you do not receive a health questionnaire and a thorough fitness test, we recommend you don’t start your training because a risk of injury is something you want to avoid at all costs on your holiday, right?


Listener versus talker

Back home your trainer probably knows everything about your movement, your pains, aches, your likes and dislikes. So what you would ideally look for in a trainer on Ibiza is somebody who actually listens. A person that provides both a challenging as well as a safe workout and also gives you some additional insights to take home with you. But perhaps most importantly, someone who gives you a training experience that you will never forget.


It has to feel right

Personal training is a very personal service. So make sure that you feel comfortable around your trainer. Ibiza is an easy-going place, therefore this person will not be very hard to find. And do not forget to ask your trainer about the island’s hotspots since, like most residents, your trainer will know his or her way around the island.

So here you have it. We hope that with this information you will find that one trainer that will keep you in shape on your Ibiza holiday. If you have any questions or you need help finding a great Personal Trainer send us a message and we will point you in the right direction.

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