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Sultry swimwear is a must for Ibiza fashion lovers who simply adore being out in the sun. With scorching temperatures throughout the season, staying cool and looking glam is a fashionista’s top priority. From beautiful beaches to stylish bars, poolside parties to private yachts, finding the perfect swimwear should be on top of your holiday ‘to-do’ list. Yet, with so many options to choose from and a plethora of social events to cram into your Ibiza agenda… how do you choose the right look for the right event? Let us help!

The Daytime Party

Ibiza is famous for its many daytime parties, from the animalistic Zoo Project to the chic and stylish Ushuaia. Planning outfits that not only look great but are perfect for soaking up the rays is essential to make sure you enjoy the atmosphere whilst feeling fab! Opt for two piece bikinis that can easily be covered up once the sun goes down and channel that inner-party animal! Think vibrant colours, fun prints, oversized sunglasses and a pair of Converses for a cool day-time look that can be transformed into a chic night-time style at sunset. Carry a maxi dress and some jewellery in your bag for night-fall and party on until dawn!

The Exclusive Beach Club

When it comes to visiting some of the island’s most exclusive beach bars, you’ll need to dress to impress! Spending all day on the sun loungers sipping champagne and looking out over the beautiful blue waters, your bikini should look as luxurious as your surroundings! Whites and paler tones are perfect for a day spent enjoying the finer things in life. Not only will they complement your golden glow but they bring out any features such as embellishment or embroidery. Look for sequinned or beaded bikinis that will sparkle in the sun and match these with metallic accessories to create a streamlined look that will keep you glowing from noon to night.

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The Secluded Ibiza Beach

Finding a secluded beach isn’t hard if you’re willing to take a little trip away from the hustle and bustle of some of Ibiza’s most popular locations. There are plenty of secret alcoves up and down the coast, so lie back, close your eyes and enjoy a relaxing afternoon of peaceful and private sun-worshipping. Forget the conventional two-piece! If you’re heading away from prying eyes then be fearless! Wear a swimsuit you’d never dare to wear elsewhere, from crochet to cut out one-pieces, channel your inner fashionista and pick something completely impractical! While the prospect of an uneven tan may chill you to the bones at Bora Bora, on your own secluded beach you’ll find the thought much more appealing… after all; you can always take it off!

The Private Yacht

Channel your inner film star on board of your very own private yacht! Think A-list celebrity and pick sleek swimwear that you wouldn’t mind being pepped in. Choose neutral tones and natural prints that channel the glamour and glitz of the world’s finest locations. Greys, silvers and bronzes look chic against white cushions and decking. Complete your outfit with a floppy straw hat, gigantic shades and a strawberry daiquiri and you’ll be saying ‘hello Hollywood’ in no time!

Forget the conventional two-piece in Ibiza!

ibiza Inide

Get packing! Wherever you head on the island, find a style that suits you and shine with confidence! Whether you’re a pool party princess or a beach bar beauty, plan ahead, pack wisely and enjoy your summer! What are you going to wear in Ibiza..?

Rebecca is the marketing manager of one of the fastest growing internet marketing companies in the UK. An avid writer, she loves fashion, beauty and of course Ibiza! Founder of her own Ibiza-inspired blog, she hopes to move to the island one day and put her writing/marketing/DJ-ing skills to good use!

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