Discover Formentera’s hidden gems by boat with RIB Ibiza

You may already have witnessed the parade of superyachts cruising around Formentera and Es Palmador but if supping Champagne from a diamond encrusted glass poured by your butler is not your thing (yet), you can still enjoy the beauty of these Caribbean-blue waters and feast your eyes on exactly the same views (or even better) for much much less.

Meet Rib Ibiza

RIB Ibiza takes you on a semi-private boat trip to 3 of Captain David’s favourite spots around Formentera. The first stop which takes barely 15 minutes to get to on an exhilarating ride is a lagoon like inlet with pale turquoise glistening water.

A great stop for a refreshing dip and some fantastic photos, with Es Vedrá and the hills of Ibiza as a backdrop, plus it’s secluded even in the height of the season.


Es Palmador

Then you zip across the water to the nature reserve island of Es Palmador with its white, pink coral striped sand stretching as far as the eye can see, where you can disembark and go for a stroll or simply lie down on the beach with a cold drink and some snacks brought to you by the captain.


The third stop is the famous beach of Ses Illetes, which looks like something straight out of a glamorous holiday catalogue. Here, there is a lively beach lounge bar where you can stop for a cocktail or a coffee, before heading back to Playa d’en Bossa, as you wave with glee at everyone else who has undoubtedly spent far more than you to be there, or still has to get to the port and wait for a ferry.

A boat trip on a budget

All of this for only €55 per person. A group of at least 6 is needed for a trip to go ahead and the boat fits up to 11 passengers. Don’t worry if you’re on your own or in a small group though. Although the captain is a local and only speaks Spanish, the office can coordinate groups in English, Spanish, French or Dutch and put small groups together so nobody misses out!

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To book, simply contact RIB Ibiza through Facebook or on +34 692 584 169

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  1. i love this blog, myself and my wife run our hotel down the south of the island called Hotel Del Maro ( and we have followed this blog even before we moved to the island and we love reading your stuff so keep up the good work and we shall see you around on the island.

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