Funny Ibiza pictures that put a smile on our face

Ibiza made us laugh. These funny pictures taken all over the island during summer really put a smile on our faces. Ibiza is the island of the free spirits were everybody can be themselves. Some people are really taking this to the next level. This is one of the reasons why we love Ibiza so much. It has a lot of different faces. And this happens to be the funny face. Are you ready for a smile on your face?

When you go out all week in town you need to take a break right?

funny ibiza picture

I think i go for the big mac. I am on a holiday so i can have a cheat day!

funny ibiza picture

This picture was in all Ibiza newspapers , and yes we ask the same question. How is this possible.


funny ibiza picture

Well what do you do when it is 35 degrees… You keep cool..:)

funny ibiza picture

Let’s catch all the sun we can get before the plane leaves..!

funny ibiza picture

Thank you friends for this fantastic stag do.. I had the best time of my life…

funny ibiza picture

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Does these funny pictures put a smile on your face..? Ibiza is a great place to live. Never boring, people are fantastic and the summer is a whole dimension by itself. The great thing is that you can go out and dive in the hectic summer, or you can choose to stay away. Ibiza has different faces and this is just one.

Feel free to share your comments with us and we are looking forward to another great summer in Ibiza. In the end we are here for the mediterranean lifestyle with all her beauty, hectic summers and great people. Never a dull moment in Ibiza.

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  1. Kai

    1st photo guy sleeping on car is one I took!

  2. John

    Most of the photos are funny, but when living on the island with young kids, having people walking around the streets naked is not funny. If you were in any other city in the world you would be arrested for indecency, so why do you think it is OK in Ibiza?

  3. Hi John,

    Thank you for your comment. We agree totally with you and we don’t think it’s ok to walk naked in front of kids. But we do feel that it is a funny picture because this is what actually happens in Ibiza in summer.

    That does not mean that we think is completely normal to walk the streets naked.