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Now we have all been known to intensively cut a rug on the White Isle every once in a while. Have you ever thought of getting your groove on in a different way? You must have. Ibiza offers various ways of getting your body moving and meeting the acquaintance of a different, possibly even more adventurous way of exploring the island.

Velo Club Ibiza

Ride the island with Velo Club Ibiza. Imagine coming to the island for a week and wanting to explore the best spots by bike. Where do you begin. The experts at Velo Club Ibiza will take you on exactly those roads and magnificent trails you meant when you said you wanted your breath taken away by the beauty of Ibiza’s nature. The Velo Club caters to both experienced racers as well as anyone wanting to go on a brilliantly scenic cycling trip.

Do join one of their guided rides, for they claim to know a couple of good bars along the way too. We believe them!


The Workout Club Ibiza

Meet your new personal trainers! Whether you are an Ibiza resident or here for a week, TWC-Ibiza will make sure you stay fit, healthy and look and feel fantastic. The Workout Club Ibiza team are more than a fair bit dedicated and strive make sure your body, mind and spirit are well taken care of.

Mindset, nutrition, powerful and efficient physical exercises, whatever you would like to focus on most, TWC-Ibiza will be there by your side. Perhaps you would like a highly skilled personal trainer at your villa, we say go for it! Should this not be feasible for you, TWC-Ibiza offers a fantastic alternative in the form of their signature Group Personal Training sessions. You can easily whip your behind into action with a small group beach session, whilst still reaping all the benefits of a personal trainer.

So get your hands on those Russian Kettlebells, The Workout Club Ibiza will tell you exactly how to.

TWC Ibiza

HowSup Ibiza

Stand Up and Paddle with HowSup Ibiza. HowSup’s Evert will tell you that a bit of proper paddling technique goes a long way, literally! Cool surfer dude by nature, he will give you a short, to the point and very hands on how-to. You will be amazed at how good you have become in, what feels like, seconds.

Brilliant! Now you are ready to enjoy Ibiza from the best viewpoint available, the water. Go on a scenic trip and discover the rugged red rocks, along with some smaller islands and caves. Throw in some on-water yoga if you want to, it can all be done. Did you know that just by standing up and paddling you can treat yourself to a massive core training workout? Well, now you do!

Tried and tested by us, standing on the board and cruising Ibiza’s glassy, cool waters will leave you feeling no less than the epitome of cool!


Ibiza Cliff Diving

Always on the lookout for new, exciting spots to cliff jump from, Ibiza Cliff Diving will help you discover a whole new adventurous side to both the island and yourself, with a GoPro to prove it.

Now don’t go around thinking you have to be some sort of crazy daredevil to be able to do this. You are safe in the hands of Ibiza Cliff Diving. With rougher spots for those up for a challenge, Ibiza Cliff Diving also organizes wonderful family outings where they whisk you and your family away on a boat, go in for a stint of snorkelling and stand up paddling, followed by some amazingly cool cliff jumps and a well-deserved, delicious lunch by Amoro Food Ibiza. Sounds like a plan to us!

clif diving

Walking Ibiza

Walking Ibiza recently made their way onto TripAdvisor and it is raining positive reviews for them. Quite rightfully so, for Toby and his team know what they are doing when they take enthusiastic walkers on fantastically scenic trips.

Toby knows exactly where the most amazing views and sunsets are and knows a thing or two (or three..) about the island’s history as well. Having been the first to walk the entire coastline, he now offers this excursion a few times a year. We honestly don’t know what to choose from, probably best go for a full moon walk or no wait, maybe some walking and kayaking and see the sun set over Benirrás first.

Walking Ibiza

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