This is what you get after drinking a bottle of wine in Ibiza

After some wining and dining in Ibiza Marisa came up with this story about a girl. Virgil did the visuals.  Do you think we have a new business here? 😉 

In a small village far away, there lived a little child. She was sitting in her little dark room with only one light. Her name was Elena. Elena was very lonely because she was the only child in the village so there were no other children she could play with. Alone in her little room, she held her teddy bear tight while small teardrops fell on the ground. She never knew that a small blond fairy was watching her from the stars above.

The bright little Elena had a wonderful idea. You want to know what she did?

She wrote her sad, little story of being lonely in a letter. Off to the kitchen, she went and looked for an empty bottle to put her letter into. Afterwards, she ran towards the river in the village and threw the bottle in the water. The bottle floated in the water and was carried by the tide further and further.

Meanwhile, on a yellow pirate ship with pink sails, a scream was heard.”Fellow pirates, stop the ship!” said a small pirate with a big head and one leg.

All the pirates listened to the small funny looking pirate with one leg, and they stopped the ship. One of the pirates asked, “Why must we stop captain?” The little pirate answered, “Well my fellow little pirate friends, I saw something floating in the sea and it looked like a small bottle with a letter. Maybe it’s a treasure map”. All the pirates jumped into the water and tried to swim to the little bottle floating in the sea.The pirates did not know that a beautiful mermaid under the surface had been watching them as they were swimming towards the bottle. The mermaid with golden hair and a twinkle in her eyes knew of Elena because the fairy told her about the little girl while she was lying in the sun on a rock in the middle of the sea. The little blond fairy said to the mermaid, “we must help Elena!” A plan to make the little girl happy was born.

The mermaid played a beautiful tune using her magical diamond flute.  All of a sudden 3 dolphins appeared from the depths of the sea. “Hello my dolphin friends,” said the mermaid. “Can you help me making a little girl named Elena happy?”… “Yes! the dolphins answered. 

We also heard the story from the fairy.” Thus, the dolphins went to the rescue.

Meanwhile, the pirates were swimming towards the little bottle floating in the sea. “Swim faster!” screamed the little pirate with one leg from the pirate ship. The pirates were getting closer and closer to the little bottle. But something strange happened. The bottle was pulled underwater by the dolphins until the pirates could not see it anymore. Later, the dolphins could hear the small pirate with the big head screaming to the other pirates from the yellow pirate ship with pink sails “where is the bottle?”. At that time, the mermaid and the dolphins were swimming towards a beautiful sunny island near Spain called Ibiza.

On a sunny beach near the beautiful island of Es Vedra, a little boy and a little girl were playing in the sand. “Are you coming for lunch?” their mother was calling from the restaurant. “Yes mama!”, they replied. “But we still have to finish our sand castle.”And then a miracle happened. You want to know what happened?

A big wave washed and drifted a small bottle right in front of the sand castle. “Look!” the little boy said. “a bottle!”. There is a little note in the bottle ” the little girl said. They took the bottle to their father in the restaurant and said. “Daddy…can you get the small letter out of the bottle?” The father took a big spoon from the table that was used to serve the food and broke the little bottle into smaller pieces, leaving the paper lying between the broken glass that looked like little diamonds. The two little children ran to their secret hideout on the beach and they read the letter. “How can we help Elena?”, the little girl whispered. “I don’t know but we should do something”, the little boy said. Then they fell asleep.

“Bring the dream talker!”, said the little fairy to the mermaid. “They are sleeping now!”. So the mermaid took out a little box and she opened it. Beautiful red, golden and silver stars were coming out of the small box and they flew towards the sleeping children.”What are the stars for?” one of the dolphins asked. ” The stars are the dream talkers”, the little fairy said. “We use the stars to talk with people in their dreams.”

The next morning, the little boy said, ” I have heard the answer in my dreams”, while he was wiping the sleep from his eyes. We must bring Elena to Ibiza next year!”. ‘But how are we going to do that?”, his sister asked. The children were thinking and thinking for hours. They didn’t have time to eat or play at the beach anymore. Finally, they knew what to do. “We must go back home and do all kind of small chores to earn money”, the boy said. “Yes we will do that!”, the little girl replied. As promised, the little boy and girl were doing all kinds of jobs throughout the whole year. They washed cars, they helped the elderly carrying their groceries, they sang songs they learned at school at every door in the neighbourhood and they helped their mother cleaning the house and working in the garden. They saved all their money to bring Elena to Ibiza next summer.

One sunny day, three small children were playing on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Elena was laughing very hard while building a bigger sand castle with her new best friends. “We did a wonderful job!”,the little blond fairy said. “We are here to help all the people on this planet”, she said while she was flying back to the stars above. The mermaid and the dolphins were swimming back to their homes, while they heard somebody scream from a yellow pirate ship with pink sails..”Where is the bottle?”……

The End…..

Marisa is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Virgil she has a mission to empower as many people around the world to become better versions of themselves in body mind and lifestyle. Marisa is ready to move you in to action, and she will share beautiful Ibiza with you at the same time.

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