How does Ibiza’s energy work

Ibiza Magic Light

For ages Ibiza has been a special place for many tribes across the world. Even now Ibiza attracts a lot of people who claim that the white island has mysterious powers. In this post we like to share our experience of the mysterious energy that surrounds Ibiza. We interviewed many people for our blog on the Ibiza Inside community. These people came from different walks of life. The funny thing is that every time we asked about Ibiza’s energy, they more or less all said similar things.

Ibiza’s energy, what do you mean?

We heard from the people we interviewed things such as “the island will choose you”. We are down to earth factual people and we never quite understood what they meant. This, however, changed very quickly! We heard people talk about things such as when being stuck or when you force things too much, things will not happen for you on Ibiza. Let it go and the white island will present options to you. It is up to you if you grab the opportunity.

The quest for a house on Ibiza

We wanted to live in Ibiza, it had been on our minds for the past year. We contacted people on Ibiza and we made a lot of appointments. The preparation time in Holland took almost 5 weeks. Finally we booked a flight. Our mission was finding our Ibiza home and we had 8 days to find it before we had to go back to Holland. We made 40 calls a day; we spent the entire week on viewings and appointments with real estate brokers. We wanted the house so bad but we could not find the right house. We had to give up the search after 8 days.

                                   “Ibiza has her own way of telling you things”


Ibiza has a mysterious energy

The idea of finding a house gently slipped our mind and we decided to focus on other things first. It was almost New Year’s Eve and we celebrate New Year with friends on Ibiza every year. Just before we left, Marisa sparked the idea for a house once more. This time we decided not to stress about it and that we would just see what the island were to present to us. The only thing we did to find a house was leave a post on Facebook. Within two days we received a message from somebody who said “we have this lovely place for you guys.”

Our reaction was calm. Two months earlier we would have build up our hopes and we would not have been able to think of anything else. The result was that most of the time we were too late or turned out the house was not our place. In Ibiza we waited for three days before we called to make the appointment. We had no stress about it. We just enjoyed New Year’s Eve with our friends. Finally, the day came that we could go and see the house. You might  guess the outcome… It  was OUR house on Ibiza.

Yet, the question still remains: does Ibiza have a mysterious energy? We guess you need to feel and experience it for yourself. We believe there is something special about the island. That’s why we love it so much.

What are your experiences with Ibiza, the white island?

Virgil is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Marisa he has a mission to help as many people all around the world to become better versions of themselves In body,mind and lifestyle. Ibiza is his base and the world is his stage.

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  2. Very nice! Totally agree! I remember my first time i was going to Ibiza from Warsaw airport and almost everyone was with some kindda worried/sad or else face while boarding. But after the plane landed on the island and the door opened and ibizian air filled the cabin, magic happened – everyone smiled and were happy face like a small kid on a Christmas day 🙂

    Thats the Spirit!

    Cant wait for September, i coming to the Island!!!!

  3. Adam

    I had been saying that wanted to go to Ibiza for twenty years and never did…..
    Finally visited the island last with a few friends, in September. It has changed my life, they have decided to go elsewhere this year for our annual jaunt..
    I am devastated and will be looking to spend at least one night in Ibiza this year..
    Special place…

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for the one comment : let it go..
    Will try …. Will do

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