How to become a superstar DJ in Ibiza

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How to become the next superstar DJ? People are attracted to Ibiza for different reasons. They like to party or just want to work on their tan on the beach and enjoy their holiday. But there are people who like to make it big time as a famous DJ. In this post we’d like to reach out a helping hand to those who want to make their dream become reality. Read here how we can help you in your quest of becoming a famous DJ in Ibiza.

DJ\’s upload your music to our  Ibiza Inside Soundcloud Group

We believe that you need to do good things to get ahead in life. We are not going to claim that we know the road to fame and fortune. The only way you can make it to the top is by working very hard and have an undying devotion and passion for what you do. To help all those talented DJs and producers we opened our own Ibiza Inside Soundcloud group. In this group you can upload your tracks and mixes and we will share it with the community.

 Sharing is Caring.

We love sharing and we go very far by sharing other people\’s content. We have built the complete Ibiza Inside community on the foundations of the sharing principle. Our tip to you is to don\’t be selfish and to share other people’s music on the various social media platforms like Soundcloud. You will see that people will start to share your music in places you never thought of. Be creative, be kind and above all, be yourself! 

Your future is in many people’s hands.

 You are not alone in your quest to be the next super star DJ in Ibiza. Let\’s join hands and help each other to create a new wave of talented DJs that will take the famous clubs by storm. United we stand, divided we fall. We salute you and we urge you to upload your tracks to our Soundcloud group so we can flood the World Wide Web with your music.

                      You will become the next superstar DJ !

Every month we pick a DJ on our Souncloud group and ask him or her to make a 30-minute track for Ibiza Inside. Together with an interview we will promote the chosen DJ of the month on our blog. Will you be the next Ibiza Inside DJ of the month?

Virgil is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Marisa he has a mission to help as many people all around the world to become better versions of themselves In body,mind and lifestyle. Ibiza is his base and the world is his stage.

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  3. Igor Fox

    This is GREAT!! I love you guys!!!

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  9. Khubu

    This is a great initiative to get to know all the talent out there as experience have showed me,there is Loads!!!
    Big ups Ibiza Inside and everyone Involved!
    Will be starting sharing:)

  10. craig

    can u get me a full time job as a dj in Ibiza

  11. Way back at the very beginning I thought girl. But lately I ha81e&#v2n7;t been thinking anything. I told D last night actually it is possible I didn’t see what I thought I saw. We’ll see…