How to move to Ibiza and feel good about it

Pictures by Marjolein van Ommeren Ibiza
Every morning I listen to Morning Sounds on Ibiza Global Radio. The music is perfect for getting ready for a new day. Happy and enjoyable tunes are broadcast there. When preparing breakfast I am always humming along with the songs, but I never listen to the lyrics really… until last Wednesday when I heard a song that brought me right back to The Netherlands again. The singer sings: ‘How does it feel when you wake up in the morning and you look outside your window and it’s raining again… raining again?

Hello Summer in Ibiza!

Another month has passed by and summer has really hit Ibiza! With temperatures above 30 degrees and high humidity, it is lovely sticky weather. Since I have lived in the north of Europe for a long time, I’m used to running around, doing as much as I can in one minute without feeling the heat. One of the reasons why I came to Ibiza was to slow down: to stop running around like a fool and to enjoy life a little more while relaxing. Well, that didn’t work out as well as I hoped it would. Granted, I wasn’t running anymore, but still did some sort of jogging, until summer started with the warm temperatures. There was no escaping it anymore. I HAD to stop running! And that’s a huge blessing, so thank you Ibiza.


Are you ready to give up everything for your move to Ibiza ?

At the time I am writing my blog I am enjoying another warm evening in the campo and think of what kind of advice I can write, if you want to live on Ibiza. Actually, that’s very hard to think of. Of course I can write about where to do the cheap grocery shopping, where to learn Spanish, how you get your NIE or residencia, how to buy a car and so on. However, I think that the first step is to find out if you really want to make the move to Ibiza. Do you want to give up everything? Do you want to quit your job not knowing whether you will find one here? Give up your friends, family, social life, work and all your everyday habits? Can you let everything go and plunge into the deep? If yes, you could be ready to go. For us, it took us almost 6 years to reach this point in our lives.

So once we made the decision to go, we started to fantasize how our life would be on Ibiza.

Pictures by Marjolein van Ommeren Ibiza

believe in your decision and dreams

So once we made the decision to go, we started to fantasize how our life would be on Ibiza. We visualized the house, the feeling, the climate, everything really, but without expectations. We looked at 15 houses and found one that we dreamt of before. And now, we are living the life we have dreamt about. We thank Ibiza every day for it. It’s amazing how everything flows and how easy it goes when you are positive and believe in your decision and dream. And that’s exactly my thought when I was listening to this song on Wednesday morning. I almost forgot the feeling what it is like to wake up in the morning and it’s raining again. And if it does once in a while, I am still happy, because I am living my dream and I feel intensely happy.

Now it’s your turn

We love to hear your dreams and experiences about your move to Ibiza. We hope that we inspire you to follow your heart instead of your mind. It is never the right time to take action so we always say just do it and enjoy the path of making your dreams a reality.  When do we see you in Ibiza?

Marjolein works as a freelance writer and communication specialist for several international companies and magazines. Besides that she runs a little B&B Nova-Ibiza and she is an agent for the dutch company VillaXL.

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  1. Reinier

    Enjoyed reading your story again. It sometimes can be hard to stay positive on this crazy island. Especially when work is terribly slow, money is running out and have to believe that the island will provide as long as she wants you here. So the part of believing in your dream and decision was a good read today.
    I wish you all the best and happiness.

  2. Hi Reinier,

    Thank you for your post. You made the right decision. You followed your heart.
    Stay positive and the island will sent you in the right direction…:)
    We believe in you, just believe in yourself…

    Marisa & Virgil

  3. Where do I start ? A really nice read and being a DJ myself I know the song you’re on about and is actually part of my summer podcast, you can hear it early on in the mix here >

    Like you, I made the jump this summer after years and years of pondering – not Ibiza though, I thought that was too much for me and way too much accessible party available for my addictive personality.

    Myself and lady moved to the campo in Mallorca 2 months ago and are absolutely loving the lifestyle and slowdown, it’s exactly what we needed. Can still have a mad one when I need to but can honestly say that those times will go further and further apart as finding happiness in our finca in the country is a lot easier than rainy Manchester, which of course I do still miss – it’s just better here – with sunshine.

    Really nice read and keep in touch 🙂 We’re only an island away 😉

  4. Eva MOR

    Hi there! I just took the same decision as you. I quick everything of my past life, total citylife, and move to Ibiza, without a clue that what can happens. I am a writer myself and , besides of running after love, I am running after to write my second book here. And also find a new life, new job, new friends…new new new…dreams just begin to star..

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  6. Eva Genin

    Cool feeling better now 😉 Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience, ready to get mine 😉

    regards Eva

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  8. Simone

    I love Ibiza. I was there on vacation for 10 days whoo hoo and planning on moving there in the future.When I was there it felt so right, the people the vibe, etc. I have a European passport so I can work there. I would be on my own and have no idea where to start. Maybe you can give me some advice. Thanks, Simone

  9. Hi Simone,

    Thank you for your kind message.. We invite you to read all the blog posts that will help you a lot.. If you have any more questions afterwards feel free to send us a message.. x

    Marisa & Virgil