San Antonio Bay

San Antonio originally got its name from the town nearest to it. But what is ironic is that it is within the Municipality of San José. This beach is considered to be the second largest resort on Ibiza. Another interesting fact about the beach is that it is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Just recently, the beach was renamed: ‘’Sant Antoni de Portmany’’, a proper Catalan name, because the place is located at the northern end of the bay of Portmany. The beach is a haven for leisure and upscale comfort of modern beach hopping. It is filled with high rise hotels and apartments and other buildings for commercial purposes.

The bay is filled with very warm and friendly people. It is also a perfect spot to see the glorious sunsets. Daytime is pretty much ok but nighttime is by far the best time to visit this place. Night time brings out the best of entertainment on the island. Cafes and bars provide live and upbeat music to thrill and sweat your night out.  

The people on Ibiza call the whole beach Bahia de San Antonio, but the bay is separated into four beaches. Calo D’es Moro is 60 meters in its length and 100 meters wide and Cova Blanca is even smaller. Es Puesto is larger and has perfect white sand, smooth and soft to the feet. The largest and main beach is around 1 km long and 35 meters, called S’Arenal which is a Blue Flag beach. Summer is the liveliest season of the year as every beach is filled with interesting people.

All beaches have parasols and loungers you can make use of, while you enjoy seeing everyone having fun. Munching on deliciously prepared foods and sipping on drinks is never a problem as there are many restaurants and bars to choose from. There are quite a few shops where you can buy your gifts and souvenirs. If you want something fancier, there is a bus that will take you to San Antonio town where you can find designer boutiques and special shops for high-end items.

Choosing San Antonio Bay can be fun. Aside from the ultimate water sports place, there are also glass-bottom tours, providing magnificent rides to the guests, giving each and everyone the opportunity to enjoy nature’s wonderful creations below the water. Who knows, you might see Ariel, the Little Mermaid flashing that smile of welcome while you are in that amazing ride.

Getting to the bay is pretty easy. Driving your car or taking a bus will always be a nice choice. For a more interesting alternative, a ferry can also cruise you to this glorious paradise. To get to San Antonio just follow the signs.

Sail on to where the best of Mediterranean calls you…go to San Antonio..everything you ask for is just right at your fingertips!