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We like to give you a look behind the scenes of Ibiza Inside. We like to share with you how we bring our ideas to life. We even want to share them with you on various platforms before we take a decision.

Today was one of those days that we worked hard on the website. We strive to update every piece of information so that you can experience Ibiza Inside to the fullest. Because we are rather skilled in creativity as opposed to being technically nimble, it is always a challenge to perfectly present features such as a Word Press blog. We have a lot of discussions about the buttons, the colours and what people will see on the left side of the blog. The most important part, however, is that the blog doesn’t have a name yet!

Therefore, if you feel any creativity coming up, then feel free to share your ideas with us. Marisa just walked in with a great bottle of red wine and we really want to share the label with you. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a week either they say. That’s why we are signing off with the words:

Eliminate the time between the idea and the act, and all your dreams will become reality

Lots of Love

Virgil & Marisa

Marisa is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Virgil she has a mission to empower as many people around the world to become better versions of themselves in body mind and lifestyle. Marisa is ready to move you in to action, and she will share beautiful Ibiza with you at the same time.

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