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knitting club Ibiza
Do you believe that Ibiza is boring in off-season? You are mistaken, it is not! There are still lots of things to do, to see and to buy of course! Ibiza Trendy is here to help you discover the hottest winter fashion trends on Ibiza. Meet a charming knitting club, discover vintage hats designer Lila Sunshine or purchase the coolest trends at half price. Yes, sales are here and we have chosen the best for you.

Ibiza Knitting club

When Veronica Petyt‘s grandmother taught her little granddaughter to knit, she could never have imagined that her hobby would turn into a business. Colors, a very special place in Santa Gertrudis, was born thanks to these long summer evenings with knitting needles in Veronica’s hands, unleashing her imagination. Here you will find high quality wools and alpacas, buttons, ribbons and anything you possibly need from a haberdashery. Furthermore, this charming store has become a meeting point for the amateur knitters from the north of Ibiza. In Colors you will meet women of all ages making their own sweaters, scarves, jackets and so on. ”I like it because we have created a slightly old-fashioned atmosphere which at the same time is also modern, with young people”, says Verónica, the owner. Would you like to join them? Just come to Colours store and introduce yourself. Everyone is welcome.

Knitting club

Cool hats

“I am a child of love and I was born to find freedom and peace in life. Always creating fashion and dreaming of a free life, I went to live in Ibiza. There I found my love and I had the pleasure to give birth to my daughter Lila Sunshine“. This is the hippy life philosophy of Lila Sunshine designer, Jill Maia Vinagre. On Ibiza, Germany born Jill found the inspiration to create a hats collection in a real boho chic style, with a little vintage and a unique and exclusive personal touch. ”My style is a mixture of folk and hippy with a modern touch of a native kind, I mix old and new with things. I add pieces which have been in my possession for more than 20 years and each of my designs is completely full of love, each creation is like a painting for me. Of course it takes time to match the things according to my perfection and I redo them millions of times until I feel they are indeed perfect”, she explains. Jill’s soul is creative and inspiring. It’s been a pleasure to meet this amazing new designer. Find her creations at Queens of Joy, in Santa Eularia, or shop on-line at www.lapurpura.com

Hats have a special place on Ibiza

Lilian Sunshine

Sales are here

Winter sales are here and everyone seems to be getting crazy about this. Most shops are offering discounts up to 50%, so that’s your chance to renew your wardrobe with the coolest Ibiza trends. Find our selection here:

Brown leather jacket with studs, from Hysteric Ibiza.
Grey cardigan with skull made of strass stones on the back.
Blue sweater by Yerse, in T&C store.
Horse leather handbag in black and brown, in T&C store.
Boots by Mexicana. Buy them at www.reinaandroses.com

Ibiza Sales 2013

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