A simple love affair – In love with Ibiza by Sarah Moody

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I have all of the symptoms. Mania, slight depression, lack of concentration and insomnia mixed in with a little bit of dizziness and confusion. I am lovesick and I have fallen madly and deeply in love with a little-known place called Ibiza!

I can’t concentrate because all I think about is watching the sunsets with a cocktail in hand at Cotton Beach Club or dancing in the sun at Bora Bora. I lay awake after another long hard day in my 9-5 office job as a PA imagining how my fiancé and I can become residents of the magical island. Maybe I could train to become a yoga teacher? Does it matter that I can only count on one hand how many yoga classes I have been to?! Maybe I should follow through with my efforts to become vegan and retrain as a holistic nutritionist, or maybe we should just pack up and see if the island will give us a chance!

It’s always hard leaving the island at the end of yet another mind blowing experience (that’s where the symptom of slight depression creeps in!) and having to get through another year before we can book another trip ‘home’. Simultaneously I feel delighted that Ibiza exists even when I can’t experience it. It’s enough sometimes for me to know that such a place is still alive and not so far away even if I can’t witness it in person more than a couple of times a year.


This love affair of mine started in July of 2010 when my fiancé, Stu, surprised me with a trip to his favourite place; he had been to Ibiza an impressive 12 times already so I was excited to be going with someone who was so passionate and also the perfect tour guide! My first time didn’t get off to the best of starts as I was diagnosed with tonsillitis on the very first day and collapsed. I remember feeling very sorry for myself and crying because I couldn’t go to Cream that night! But I was determined to not let it beat me and after some rest on the beach (oh my, the beaches!) and pills from the doctor we got the holiday back on track.

He took me to the most amazing places including L’Elephant for dinner, KM5 for cocktails, Mint for the famous sunset, Blue Marlin and two club nights at Pacha and Space. I spent the whole time filled with awe! I was amazed by the atmosphere, seeing the best DJs in the world playing great music, the friendliness and smiles bursting from people – a completely different experience to the dull grey drudgery of London and the daily commute full of glum faces staring over the latest copy of the FT.

KM5 was like a secret, magical garden where mystical figures appeared on stilts. L’Elephant, set in the hills of the pretty village of San Rafael, was the backdrop to one of our favourite nights filled with delicious food and laughter and Blue Marlin impressed with its white wine sangria and yachts floating in the glistening sea. And of course Pacha and Space were like nothing I’d ever experienced before!

1 year anniversary engagement w friends



But enough with the name dropping…. Ibiza does have the most wonderful places where you can splash the cash and holiday or live in style. But to me Ibiza is more than that, she’s got a bit of substance to her which is evident in the way our trips each year turn out to be a completely different experience every time. There is always a new place to discover whether it is a gem of a bar/restaurant or an unplanned walk which leads you to the top of a cliff overlooking the island and all of her splendour, it’s always different and the holiday snaps always new. A lot of people talk about the energy of Ibiza and I experienced this straight away. There is a feeling that you can’t quite put into words. That feeling is the magnet that draws us back every year. On the island we feel pure happiness, even when it is raining the beauty is undeniable. And this is different to the usual novelty holiday feeling. People talk about the vibration of the island and I think this is her heartbeat and you are either in tune with her, or you’re not.

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Ibiza has provided Stu and me with amazing memories and moments that we will long treasure. And last year was no exception. We had heard a lot about Es Vedrà and so excitedly planned a visit. We set off early a little unsure of where we were headed, but full of excitement that we were finally going to see this wonderful place with our own eyes. When we arrived in the cab we got a bit lost but, a bit surreally, two hippies pointed us in the direction of a path. After trekking for a couple of minutes we were left breathless by what appeared in front of us (and admittedly the uphill trek!). Es Vedrà was just incredible in all of her magnificence rising out of the sea. I was busy admiring the view and when I turned around Stu had a piece of paper. I wondered what he was doing when he started to read a poem and then got down on one knee and proposed! It was the most incredible moment; we were the only two people as far as the eye could see – Es Vedrà as a backdrop and Ibiza as our witness. It was just perfect. I feel a bit like a diva when I write this but I was lucky enough to be given two rings -one a traditional style and the other a ring that represented the island and our love, designed by the very talented Emma at Spiritual Gypsy. A little lizard even popped out of the bush and wandered around our feet, I like to think it was wishing us well.

proposal es vedra

I don’t want this love affair to end, I would be a very happy woman if Ibiza continued to provide us with our most euphoric and special moments.

So if you are lucky enough to be planning a trip go with an open mind and let her lead you through the journey. Where will your love affair take you?

hardrock rooftop sunset

My top 10 places:

Salinas beach ~ beautiful white sand and a crystal clear sea. Lunch at Jockey Club is a must.

Passion Café ~ I love the owner Lana and her goals, with her 4th café now open I’m inspired with every trip to embark on that raw food journey….

Bora Bora ~ this is where the music and the smiles can be found!

Es Vedrà~ there are no words, go!

Bambuddha – This Balinese inspired restaurant is our absolute favourite, the Pad Thai and Orgasmic Delight cocktails are amazing.

Hacienda ~ The Cascadas Suspendidas has to be seen to be believed. We enjoyed a sunset dinner the night of our engagement. It’s all I can do to stand up and leave after such a relaxing experience!

Atzaró ~ swimming surrounded by perfect stillness and the sound of birds followed by a super healthy lunch. The perfect antidote to the all-nighters!

Formentera ~ not strictly Ibiza but her little sister is just as beautiful and only a short boat trip away.

Cala Tarida ~ another stunning beach, spend the day sunbathing and relaxing in the emerald waters finishing at Cotton Beach Club to watch the sunset with one of their fabulous cocktails.

Ibiza Town ~ croissants & coffee at Croissant Show, follow the meandering cobbled streets for some quirky boutiques, admire Dalt Vila and finish with another wonderful meal at La Oliva.

All things spiritual, good food and a similarly good story. You name it, she loves it. Wendy, after having been a long-time visitor, is now a steady fixture on the White Isle. An in-demand copywriter and editor in chief for Ibiza Inside, she loves to explore the island and its many wonders and turn it into one cracker of an interesting story without the blink of an eye.

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    Beautiful stuff Sarah. I almost cried reading this. Glad you didn’t compare my proposal to nik.lol!! She must never read this article x

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