Cala Boix

Grab your car key and turn that engine on. Drive along the road following the signposts from San Carlos (Sant Carles de Peralta) or follow the signs from Cala Mastella on the coast road and park on the rough ground above the beach. Welcome yourself to yet another beach destination in the beautiful island of Ibiza, The Cala Boix Beach! From there, take a little less than 43 steps down from the car park and you'll enter another Ibiza paradise. Up the cliff is a fantastic place to view the beauty of the beach. The cliff is a fantastic place to have lunch at La Noria located at where you can enjoy the beautiful sight below as the locals do.

Nowhere in Ibiza can you find sand so grey and almost dark, which is firm but in Cala Boix Beach. This makes this beach so unique from the rest. The beach is about 150 meters long and up to 15 meters wide, that are patterned after the shape of the cove. The beach has 3 restaurants. These restaurants offer fish dishes, among the best Ibiza can offer. The wooden beach bar serves cold drinks and snacks and toilets are at the back of bar on the stairs.

Cala de Boix is found in the southeast corner of Ibiza. The beach is open to the sea, which means it is a little wavy however this makes it ideal for surfing. For extra safety lifeguards are present. Enjoy the view, soak up the sun, feel your troubles melt away as you strech out on one of the many sun beds with parasols that are available to rent. There is a free shower at restaurant Cala Boix.

Since getting into the beach requires walking down a steep cliff, it is relatively hard for disable guests to come here.

Take this once in a lifetime chance to enjoy the unique sand that only Cala Boix can offer... Drive and splash at Cala Boix and be part of the unique experience!

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