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You are in sunny Ibiza and everything is supposed to go very well. However, you never know when you need medical assistance, the police or a consulate. Here we have some helpful numbers in case of an emergency.

The regular emergency number in Ibiza is                                112


The Guardia Civil is the main police force in Spain. They are known for their strict and consistent way of handling law and order. A piece of advice: these guys and girls are not in for a joke! So think twice if you want to cross the Guardia Civil.

Guardia Civil Traffic (traffic police)                                 971302505
Guardia Civil Ibiza                                                       971301100
Guardia Civil San Antonio                                            971340502
Guardia Civil Santa Eulalia                                          971330227
Guardia Civil San Juan                                                971333005
Guardia Civil Formentera                                             971332022


The police Nacional or Police Municipales are in charge of certain regions in Ibiza. Most of the time they assist the Guardia Civil. You can find the telephone numbers below:

Policia Nacional                                                                       091
Policia Municipales de Ibiza                                            971315861
Policia Municipales de San Antonio                                 971340830
Policia Municipales de Santa Eulalia                               971330841
Policia Municipales de San Jose                                     971800261
Policia Municipales de Formentera                                  971322234    


If there is a medical emergency or you need a hospital, call one of these numbers:

Medical emergencies                                                               061
Hospital Can Mises                                                       971397000
First aid                                                                       971301916
Red Cross                                                                    971191210
Ambulance Clinica Balear                                              971392232
Ambulance Ibiza                                                           971398887


If there is an emergency at sea, then you can reach the Spanish coastguard on the following telephone number:

Emergencias Maritimas                                                900202202


If you need to visit one of the town halls in Ibiza because you fell in love with a local and would like to get married instantly, you can find them all here:

Council D’Eivissa                                                         971195900
Town Hall Ibiza                                                            971397500
Town Hall San Antonio                                                 971340111
Town Hall Santa Eulalia                                                971332800
Town Hall San José                                                      97180125
Town Hall San Juan                                                      971333003
Town Hall Formentera                                                   971322034


If you happen to lose your passport, no worries, here are the telephone numbers for the major consulates:

British Consulate                                                         971301818
German Consulate                                                       971315763
French Consulate                                                         971312031
Italian Consulate                                                          971300450
Dutch Consulate                                                          971300450


At the tourist office you can find all the information you need to make your holiday to Ibiza one that you never will forget. You can reach them here:

Tourist office Ibiza                                                       971301900
Tourist office San Antonio                                            9710343363
Tourist office Santa Eulalia                                          971330728
Tourist office Formentera                                             971322057


When you need a post office you can find the telephone numbers here:

Post office Ibiza                                                          902191197
Post office San Antonio                                               971340779
Post office Santa Eulalia                                             971330095
Post office San José                                                   971800011
Post office San Juan                                                   971526075
Post office Formentera                                                971322243


Banks in Ibiza... you cannot live with them nor without them… You can find them here:

Sa Nostra                                                                    971171717
La Caixa                                                                      971301126
Caixa Catalunya Ibiza                                                   971311314

Dial +34 in case you’re in another country, or when you’re using your mobile phone and want to get connected!

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