An interview with DJ duo Neverdogs


Marco and Tommy.  I see them like Ying and Yang. Total opposites but at the same time, the perfect combination for success that has already lasted for 13 years. They met each other in 2000 in Florence where DJ duo Neverdogs was born.  In south Italy, where this duo come from, there is a saying “manchi i cani”,  after which they named themselves. It describes and applies to something amazing, beautiful. Well guys, their music for me is beautiful  since the first time I heard them  in Bubbles, and that’s why I decided to introduce them to you a bit more.  You all know who the Neverdogs are when they play, but let’s see what they have to say about themselves. They live between Ibiza – airports – London – airports.. 

Irina: Hi guys, we all know what your job is, but can you tell us more about you personally Marco and Tommy?

Marco: I am very focused on couple of things and only do that. My nature is like that. I like to do my job and now  because my life is becoming very busy, I don’t have  much time to do anything else. Seriously I love nature, technology, I really like to travel and I also love to socialize and  meet new people. It is the perfect combination for me because all of these things come together and they are closely related to my job. And it is all about the music.

Tommy: I like to play and  create music, as well  as to create  paintings  and  sculptures, and comics. It is all about music and art, which is also the perfect combination to mix together.

Irina: We know Ibiza is very difficult to start as a DJ. What advice would you give to up and coming DJs?

Marco: To tell you the truth, if you have some skills, some knowledge and  some connections it is not difficult to start here in Ibiza. You can play in some villa for a friend,  or in some little bar to  start to promote yourself. However,  to do the next step, can be difficult, you can start to play, especially in the winter in some bar, villa, in the summer on some after party.. and you have closed that circle I think. Then you have to stop and to think about your career, and to think bigger, to go out of the island , and to travel, otherwise, you will go crazy ‘cause you don’t have more inspiration here. You might think that you are on the top, but putting so many gigs on Facebook and to always be surrounded with the same djs, that is not what makes you go to the top. Definitely, you need to breathe some fresh air, to have new inspiration, to work on yourself as a dj.

Tommy: No connection no party (laughing). The connection is very important for sure. But as well you have got to have skills, talent and to be persistent. Also to do it with love and passion. So it is a combination of all of these things. Then you can go only up, slowly, step by step.

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Irina: What was your musical education growing up?

Tommy: For me in the ’80s I started with garage, house, old school, I have learned by myself the art of djing.. I grew up  listening to punk music , specially Sex pistols.

Marco: I grew up with new wave, ’80s. Then, house. I started to play with my uncle.  He is still a DJ. He taught me the basic things and I learned from him that you have to do it with passion and love.

Irina: How do you rate other DJ’s?

Marco: Marco Carola, he is doing such an amazing things all around the world. He is filling up the clubs with a lot of people every time , but the most interesting thing is his dj set, how many hours he can play; ?? sometimes he plays 12 hours, 15 hours. He is like a train from  the beginning till the end.  The more he plays the  more  people go crazy, and at the end people are on the moon. (laughing) There are  also  good djs from the new generation, who are also our friends: German Brigante, Leon, Marc Antona.

Tommy:  Apart all the ones that Marco mentioned, at the moment a very good producer is Leon, Miguel Bastida, Ilario Liburni, Spencer K.


Irina: Generally on the island there is lot of positive energy, but all of us who live here, we know that beneath there can be a lot of jealousy, envy.. So, how is it in your DJ world?

Marco: A lot of jealousy, especially when you have chance in your life..  Where there is lot of competition, there is always  a lot of jealousy, because everybody wants their part of the  glory. But there is also other part of that, when you have such a big name as Marko Carola, who gave us a chance to promote ourselves. In the latest  Music on in Barcelona he let us  tom play more time than agreed. So let’s say also, where there is enough self confidence, there is no room for jealousy. We are trying to handle it by looking in front of us and keeping on going forward.

Tommy:  Yes there is lot of jealousy. But what you have to do is to focus on your things, and you have to love what you do. You are doing it for yourself, because that is your life.

Irina:What are some of the biggest moments you have experienced in your career?

Tommy and Marco:  Last summer in Amnesia Music on, and also in Ushuaia, but especially the little party “Senses” in Ushuaia.


Irina:What are your plans and dreams for the future?

Marco and Tommy: We are working to make our record label: “Artists and crew”.  Basically means we and our friends and all the people who’ve been working on this, who helped us to succeed in our dream.

Irina: What was your favorite local party in the last year?

Marco and Tommy: The Warriors was good, but the best parties on the island are always the big private parties.

Irina: What would you like to change about the current local scene?

Marco: To be honest, that would be the way the music is produced. With all this technology it is so easy to make it. Even with small laptop now you can do it. Before you needed a proper studio, you needed to have musicians etc..  I would like to delete the softwares! The good thing is that many djs are coming back to use vinyl. There is a lot of underground music, more than before, which is good. So less technology, and more passion, and love mixed in music.

Tommy: I totally agree with Marco.

Irina:When I say Ibiza you say:

Marco: Freedom

Tommy: Sun.. 😀

They will play on opening night for Music on, and also on the other nights of this event, along with the other gigs which you can see on their web:

Irina is a real estate manager for more than 10 years. She is passionately in love with music and writing. She loves all the things where she can express her creativity, she lives in Ibiza and writes about lifestyle, events and music.

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