An Interview with Sabina Brownstein founder of Ibiza Wellness

Sabina Brownstein Ibiza
Ibiza is the home of some amazing people. Sabina Brownstein is a truly inspirational woman.  Diagnosed with MS, she embarked on a quest to find alternative ways to heal and in doing so restored herself to full health.  She now helps others through her Healing Practice, ‘Ibiza Wellness for Body and Soul’.  Our Wellbeing Editor, Lisa Chadderton, talks to Sabina about her personal journey into healing, her tips for living a happy and healthy life and the joys of living on Ibiza.

Lisa: How long have you been in Ibiza and what drew you here?

Sabina Brownstein: I am originally from Munich, Germany, and I moved to Koh Samui,Thailand in 1990.  There I met my husband Jerry who had created a beautiful resort on the beach and together we ran that business for many years.  Jerry had previously lived on Ibiza and always intended to return, so we came here together many times and I loved it from the very first moment.  In 1998 we left Thailand and moved here permanently.

Sabrina Brownstein

 Lisa: What is ‘Ibiza Wellness for Body and Soul’ and why did you create it?

Sabina Brownstein: Many years of experience in the healing arts have given me the tools necessary to address a wide variety of physical and emotional challenges.  My passion, and the purpose of Ibiza Wellness, is to use this knowledge to empower people to stay happy, healthy and heal naturally.

Lisa: What different types of healing and therapies do you offer at Healing House?

Sabina Brownstein: All of my healing is holistic so that the body, mind and spirit are brought into balance. Each individual is unique so I offer a wide variety of treatments that can fit any situation.  These include Eden Energy Healing, Relaxation Therapies, EFT (Meridian Tapping), Usui Reiki, Health & Wellness Consultations and Life/Soul Coaching.  I also give Self-Healing Classes and Health/Wellness Workshops for small groups.

Sabina Brownstein Ibiza

Lisa: How did your journey into healing and helping others begin?

Sabina Brownstein: I was always interested in healing and nutrition.  In 2001, I was diagnosed with MS and was told that it was incurable.  Terrified at the prospect of life in a wheelchair I researched, studied and practiced numerous natural healing modalities and within one year I was able to restore myself to perfect health.  This experience inspired me to go deeper into the healing arts so that I could help and support others on their healing journeys.

Lisa: What is Eden Energy Medicine and how does it work?

Sabina Brownstein:  Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) combines modern science with the ancient wisdom of various natural healing traditions to restore and maintain your body’s flow, harmony and health. It does this through breathing, tapping, massaging, connecting acu-points, balancing chakras, weaving the bio-field and other techniques.  Each process is designed for specific energetic effects, and together they strengthen the immune system, release pain and stress, calm the mind and balance hormones. EEM is a Holistic Health and Healing Technique that works with all of your body’s energy systems: meridians, chakras and bio- field, plus the physical systems: nervous, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive and reproductive.

Lisa: Your next workshop is on February 9th and is entitled, ‘Awaken the Healer Within’. Do you think that everyone has healing powers?

Sabina Brownstein: Absolutely!  Your body is designed to heal itself and all we need is the right tools and theintention to help and support this natural process.

Lisa: Who is your workshop aimed at and what benefits can it bring?

Sabina Brownstein: This workshop is specifically for women. I will teach them a 10 minute ‘Daily Energy Wellness Routine’ that builds positive habits into the body’s energy field.  These techniques are simple yet very powerful, and they will have a cumulative effect that helps you to stay joyful, healthy, vibrant, and more resilient against illness and stress – and they are fun! There will also be a very special balancing and healing meditation and guidance on how to tune into the power of feminine intuition.

Sabrina Brownstein: “Love is letting go of fear”.

Sabrina Brownstein

Lisa: Who inspires you and why?

Sabina Brownstein: I am very inspired by the American healer Donna Eden.  She created EEM and greatly helped me to recover my health.  She is a brilliant teacher.  There are so many more who have guided me on my path, too many to mention but all so special.

Lisa: Is there a global revolution of consciousness taking place?

Sabina Brownstein: This is an incredibly interesting time to be alive. More and more of us are becoming aware that there must be a better way, and we are compelled to search for alternative ways of living.  It is clear that the human race has reached a critical juncture – a ‘choice point’ – and our future will be determined by the direction that we take.  The best way that we can change the world is by becoming a living demonstration of our finest qualities and a beacon for others to follow.

Lisa: If you could recommend one thing we can all do every day to make the world a better place, what would it be?

Sabina Brownstein: Every day before you get out of bed – think to yourself: “Something wonderful is going to happen today!”  Then let a smile come to your face and bring the energy of that smile to everyone you come in contact with.

Lisa: What do you think are the vital ingredients to a happy and healthy life?

Sabina Brownstein: Gratitude, forgiveness, friendship, healthy eating, exercise, meditation, humour and fun!  All together it spells L-O-V-E, for yourself and others.


Lisa: What are your plans for 2013 and what would you like to see for the year ahead?

Sabina Brownstein: My plans are living, loving and learning!  I wish, for 2013, that the consciousness of humanity continues to evolve in a positive and loving direction.  That is our destiny.

Lisa: What is your favourite affirmation or words of wisdom and why?

Sabina Brownstein: “Love is letting go of fear”. When love replaces fear the world will transform.

Lisa: Many people feel that Ibiza has special qualities as a healing island, is this your experience and what do you think is the reason for this?

Sabina Brownstein: The magic of Ibiza heals on all levels – body, mind and spirit.  Why?  Some things are beyond our comprehension! Perhaps the spirit of freedom that attracts so many special people to this island creates a higher vibration that enhances its natural healing power.

Sabrina Brownstein

Lisa: When you have free time in Ibiza, what do you like to do and where are your favourite spots on the island?

Sabina Brownstein: I enjoy hiking with friends in the natural beauty of Ibiza, reading an inspiring book, enjoying great food and playing with my cat Minny, who reminds me to stay in the present moment!  There are so many beautiful places: Atlantis/Es Vedra, Tanit’s Cave, Cala Eubarca…I am in love with Ibiza!

Marisa is the co founder of Ibiza Inside and together with Virgil she has a mission to empower as many people around the world to become better versions of themselves in body mind and lifestyle. Marisa is ready to move you in to action, and she will share beautiful Ibiza with you at the same time.

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  1. Helli Sabina, i just got this interview from our new friends Virgil and Marisa. We are coming to live in Santa Eulalia in may and are distributors for Forever Living. I had Sarcoidose for many years but since i drink the pure Aloe Gel i don’t have to go back to the hospital. Maby we can help each other with these great products and business.
    Hope to hear from you soon and maby we can meet.
    Greetings Cor

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