8 Things To NOT Do To Get Jobs In Ibiza


Ibiza is not usually associated with business but the opportunities on this island are huge, especially for small businesses. Over the years we have built up great relationships with business owners and also people looking to work in Ibiza, so it is no surprise when you read todays list of some of the hilarious things we have been told, or heard, people say in interviews. So, if you are looking for jobs in Ibiza, here is what NOT to say in an interview.

 “I will get you my CV after I have a pint”

No this is not made up. This happened only a few weeks ago when we were speaking to a friend looking to hire someone. The person turned up to the interview without their CV. When asked to get it they said “Yes I have one. I will get you it after I have a pint first”. Not only did he not get the job, he only bought a pint for himself.


“I really don’t like Ibiza”

Poor lady! I think it is also safe to safe that Ibiza probably doesn’t really like you either. Unfortunately she didn’t get the job. I wonder if she is working in Magaluf right now.


“I got a lot of money from my parents. When it is finished I’d love to come and work for you”

Here is what goes through an employers mind when you say this. “After your first pay check, you will quit as you have money again….NEXT”.


“Can you tell me what the job is?”

This is not a blind date…Do your research! At first we thought this was a joke but guess what, he was deadly serious.


“Do I really have to talk to people in San Antonio?”

Well considering the job was in PR for a large San Antonio club, and it would last at least 3 months, then moving your mouth (to talk) was part of the job description.


“The bar would not hire me so that’s why I am trying this”



“When are the days off?”

This is actually not that bad and is important to know the days and hours your working. However, don’t make this your first and only question.


“Do I really have to start at 10am?”

We recently wrote a post on living in Ibiza that had 24 experts talking about making a living here. What came up the most was to not live like you are on holiday. If you are looking at getting work here then you are looking at being here for a while, so something has to give as most jobs either start early or finishes late. The daily ritual of partying at night and getting up early in the morning will not last as you will get fired for not being productive too anyone.


So there you have it…some of our most ridiculous questions, answers and statements at job interviews. One thing we know about being in Ibiza is the opportunities to work here are endless and if you conduct yourself well, getting a job that you want is only an interview away.

If you are looking for jobs here then contact us as we can help push you in the right direction.

“A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to.” - Banksy

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