La Cava right in the heart of Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town

There are a lot of great restaurants and cafes in Ibiza. And we will visit them all and write a review about them for you. Today we’d like to highlight one of our favourite hang outs La Cava. So grab something to drink to get in the mood! Imagine a warm summer night, people are happy and enjoy their drinks on one of many terraces in  the heart of Ibiza’s cosmopolitan city Ibiza Town.

Ibiza Town

In one of the main streets, Vara de Rey, you can find Le Cava. This is a small but lovely café. You can often find us in La Cava around breakfast time. You can get breakfast for almost nothing and we like the fantastic pan con tomate and a cup of our favourite; cortado con jello (espresso with ice) and café con leche. However, this is more than just a café because you can have great lunch during the day as well as mouth watering exclusive tapas with delicious wines and cava at night.

Is La Cava the place to be ?

The great asset of La Cava is the always friendly staff that works at the place. They even remember your name when you drop by more often and you can take our word for that, after your first visit, you will come back more often. For the internet addicts among you, they have free Wi-Fi, so you can twitter the day away. La Cava gets a four out of five star rating from us. The food is fantastic, the staff is friendly, their coffee is the best and the atmosphere is great throughout the entire day. We hope to see you in La Cava soon!

For more information please visit their website: or their page on our website.

What is your favourite hang out in Ibiza?

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