Learn Spanish in Ibiza. Meet Celia Álvarez from Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza.


Are you ready to learn Spanish in no-time? Meet Celia Álvarez from Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza.

More often than not do we get the question of, ‘What should be at the top of my to-do list when moving to Ibiza?’ Our standard reply to this question is, ‘Learn Spanish!’ Not only does this open a vast amount of doors for you, it enables you to get the full experience as far as moving to another country is concerned.

Obvious next question then would be, ‘Where should I go for excellent, made-to-measure lessons?’ This is where Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza enters the equation. We caught up with Head of Studies Celia Álvarez to see what the Spanish language learning buzz is all about and find out more about the person behind the desk all in one go!

Who’s that girl and what does she do?

Granada born Celia knows the island quite well, no surprise given the fact that she grew up here. After obtaining her language teaching degree on the mainland, she simply knew there was only one place to return to, our fair White Isle. An utter language nut, it almost goes without saying that soon after returning to Ibiza she landed her dream job at then freshly founded Instituto de Idiomas. Now a household name, Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza lives up to its name by providing students with a plethora of languages to choose from, their high quality Spanish courses leading the flock.

Tailor made courses

Celia, ‘All of our courses can be tailor made and adapted to our students’ needs.’ The school’s brilliantly chosen location right in the city centre of Ibiza Town goes on to lend the students a very helpful hand indeed. When pressed about the school’s unique selling point she continues by assuring us there are more than one, ‘Our teachers are our strongest point, they are the ones making it work.’ As if this isn’t music to our ears enough, Celia goes on by telling us that indeed all aforementioned teachers are native speakers of Spanish, as well as experienced and academically qualified.


More of the good stuff

We cannot imagine that one would need any more convincing at this particular point in time, but here we go: Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza happens to have one very nice magical card up their sleeve. ‘Our school is the only independent language school on the Balearic islands that is accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which is basically the Spanish government’s quality control centre for language schools teaching Spanish. You can imagine we are extremely proud of this.’

All work and no play?

We get it, you really love your job! But is it all work and no play? Celia, ‘By no means! I do love my job a great deal, but in my free time I love to explore the island a bit further by going for scenic drives and meeting up with my friends at the weekends is something I cannot do without!’

Are you ready for your next step in learning Spanish? Celia and her colleagues are here to make it easier for you.

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