Living la Vida fashion on Ibiza

Pictures by Judith & Julia trendy Ibiza
Ibiza is the place where fashion victims want to be right now. Designers and artisans from all over the world have chosen our island to live on while creating their best collections, the ones you can find at the trendiest stores and hippy markets. It’s the unique and exclusive designs from Ibiza that are worn by cool people. Ibiza Trendy girls keep themselves busy hanging around the island to find out who are the best designers, stores, artisans, street styles and much more. Do you want to discover the hottest trends this summer in Ibiza? Keep on reading then.

Loads of fashion on Ibiza

Atzaró Fashion Shows are not to be missed if you are a fashion lover. Their shows are hosted every Thursday at their incredible gardens, where the best Ibiza designers show their new collections: Beatrice San Francisco, Kurru Kurru, Gisela G., Pure Form. Pin this down in your agendas and enjoy a great night out in Atzaro’s enchanted garden with the most fashionable people. This summer we also welcome a new trendy shop in Santa Eulària. At Queens of Joy you can find the best Ibiza brands by designers such as Beatrice San Francisco, Reina&Roses, FELT by Natalie, Bikini Ibiza…in short, everything you need for a boho chic style.

Pictures by Judith & Julia Trendy Ibiza

More fashion stores are opening their doors on Ibiza

So what if you want to wear the latest trends but have run out of money? Do not worry; we have the ultimate anti-crisis store. Oui C Moi opened its doors last month in San Antonio and next Friday they will do so in Ibiza Town. We are not missing the opening party! Here you can find the latest fashion from Paris but at a really good price: every single piece only costs twenty Euros! There are T-shirts with skulls, floral bags and scarves, sandals with high heels, necklaces….and there is even more good news: the owners, Romina Sáez and Boris Mitelberg, told us that their shops will be open all year round!

Oui C Moi opened its doors last month in San Antonio and next Friday they will do so in Ibiza Town

Pictures by Judith & Julia Trendy Ibiza Shop Oui C moi

The latest fashion trends

One of best things about living fashion on Ibiza is that things are changing all the time and you need to be on top of the latest trends. Ibiza streets and beaches are the best catwalk in the world, where we discover the coolest people and trends. This summer’s must-have is definitely fluorescent colours: we like Nina Peters’ handbags and Rayban Wayfair’s sunglasses in blue, yellow, fuchsia…all fashion victims are wearing them! We also love the Ibiza boho chic style that breathes the spirit of the island. Get it by wearing a big fringed necklace, a pair of Hector Riccione boots, colourful hot pants and the latest trend seen on the island: feathers in your hair! Get yours at Las Dalias hippy market. Yet, we do not forget you also want to be the more stylish girl on the beach or during a sailing trip. All you need to do is wear a bikini by Amelia Botero. She’s a Colombian designer and the niece of famous artist Fernando Botero. She has designed a collection inspired by the flora and fauna of the Amazon. In her shop in La Marina you can find a wide variety of exotic bikinis, swimwear trikinis and a lot of fluorescent colours, sequins, feathers and rhinestones. What is your favourite fashion shop on Ibiza?

Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona are fashion bloggers from Ibiza. Both of them have a background in writing. The have written for the Pacha Magazine for years and for other corporate giants. Now they showcase their passion for fashion in a beautiful blog called Trendy Ibiza. Their mission is to discover the hottest trends in fashion for you.

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  1. Elma van Diemen

    In summer I come always several times to Ibiza. I am a fashionaddict.You can look on my Pinterest. I did also a fashionshow in St Antonio. The store belongs to Jay and Ciska. Fashion is very important in my life. Greetings Elma

  2. C

    Fashion,accesories,bikinis, boots, bags of course..allcreated by Merel( Namste, World, house things.. Beautiful new shop IN THE CAMPO, next to Can Curune, cruce San Juan Road, Beniras/San Miguel junction…Come & check it out…wonderful…

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  5. Michela

    I folllowed your advice and today i’ve been to “Oui C Moi”…really nicce things in there and it’s hard not to get out with a bag full of new clothes!

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  8. Oh my god, those neon bags. I NEED one. NEED one in my life right now. I love Ibiza – can’t wait to come back. Great post xxx

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