Come to San Antonio Ibiza by Tristan Bacon

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Ibiza Inside Guest Blogger Tristan Bacon has a profound love for Ibiza, San Antonio in particular. In this post he shares with you how this all came about.


My love for Ibiza began purely by chance and life hasn’t been the same since.

It all started a few years ago when a dear friend sent me a link to a podcast by trance group Above and Beyond and my love of their music began.

We went to see them live in London and without doubt it was one of the greatest nights of our lives and being mid 30s, I have seen a few. On the high of returning from that gig we checked out where else they would be playing and Ibiza stood out.

So despite being well above the average age of party-goers we booked up a Tuesday to Friday trip all for just one night at Amnesia for Cream Thursdays to see Above and Beyond. Well you only live once as they say.

We were warned beforehand

Friends and family were in disbelief, “Ibiza is not for you at your age!” “San Antonio is horrid full of drunk and drugged up teenagers!” “You’ll never survive, you’ll be robbed and mugged daily!” “You won’t get Ibiza at all, you’re not the type!” and the like.

Some research later, to say we were a little apprehensive was an understatement, although we did find a lovely looking Hostel (San Marino) to stay in, away from the main party areas, with a pool and bar, so at worst, we could just hold up there for the few days.

So the day arrived and onto the flight we went with endless amounts of late teens and early 20-somethings. Luckily there were a few passengers of my age and a little older which helped to calm our nerves a little.


Finally there!

We had arrived..  Leaving the airport into that perfect sun-drenched light and heat, it was now or never and time to make the most of it.  If nothing else it would be a once in a lifetime experience, to be never repeated if what we’d heard and read was true.

A taxi to San Antonio and all booked in, we went to explore, walking through the quaint streets of San Antonio and out onto the waterfront. Picturesque doesn’t do it justice, it truly is a beautiful bay to look at with a long sandy beach and working harbour with a path leading along the coast in both directions.

We grabbed a few boat excursion leaflets from the waterfront booths and walked towards the setting sun past the ferry port and high rise apartments and onto the Sunset Strip. I was taken aback at the amount of people, there must have been 5,000 people all sitting in bars and on the rocks beyond just sat watching the sun go down.

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Amazing sunset

This is one place I love to come. The atmosphere is amazing and the sunset is always a little different to the night before, and as the sun sets the united cheering and applause from everyone to the backdrop of music floating from the bars is spine-tingling, mother nature at her finest.

Walking back into San Antonio, through the notorious West End, which is no worse than your average Saturday in any UK town, to the hostel we couldn’t wait for the rest of our Ibiza adventure.

Exploring San Antonio

Over the next few days we explored San Antonio finding gems of bars (the Bay Bar), restaurants (Tapas Ibiza), views (Aquarium Cap Blanc), beaches (Cala Salada or Cala Bassa) and boat trips (Chilli Pepper Charters) which sealed our love for the island and especially for San Antonio itself which has this unwarranted reputation.

I have no doubt there is all the excesses the newspapers love to print headlines about but we have never experienced it and the partying is limited to a few very small areas of the town which are easily avoided if necessary. It definitely doesn’t represent the town as a whole, it truly is an undervalued holiday destination by many.


Down to the club

As to our night at Amnesia you ask, well that too was magical, firstly the disco bus from San Antonio to Amnesia with its impromptu group singing and everyone chatting all heading for one shared love, the music.

The venue itself is heaped in history but its sound and lighting system is as modern as you like with an ice cannon which in itself is a whole new incredible experience. Losing a whole night with trance music’s finest DJs was truly out of this world and then watching the sun rise behind San Antonio sealed our love for Ibiza, not only for being a party island but for just being Ibiza, the White Isle.


So do you think San Antonio is underrated as a holiday destination with an unfair reputation?

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