Kyupiddo a restaurant by B.For right in the heart of Ibiza


Imagine a fairytale like scenery. Got it? Now add a generous dash of Ibiza history and as a final and very important touch give the scene a Japanese and culinary twist. Snap, you have just arrived at B.for Ibiza’s latest venture, Kyupiddo!

Kyupiddo by B.For

Location is everything here. Reaching this magnificent spot means going all the way up to the top of Dalt Vila. Ladies, don’t worry, you can still most definitely wear your best heels to this exclusive place. When booking your table you simply need to state that you wish to be taken to the top in style. Kyupiddo is more than happy to add to the night’s excitement by making sure you arrive at the top safely by means of their very own shuttle service.

Kyo 2

Torre del Canónigo

On arrival you find yourself at the Torre del Canónigo. This is where things start to become even more interesting, for this 14th century hotel is located in UNESCO-site Acropolis. A knock on the door takes you around the hotel, through a medieval passage and then onto the stuff dreams are made of, the Kyupiddo terrace.

A stunning Location in the heart of Ibiza

Simply stepping onto this terrace will take your breath away. First thing to notice is a stunning view of port and city. And don’t go around thinking you can only catch the best sunsets in San Antonio, seeing the sun slowly descend behind the Ibiza hills while you take another sip of your champagne provides you with a jaw-dropping experience.


Chef Stefano Borelli

And then there’s the food. Most of us know their sashimi from their nigiri, right? Even the most ardent of sushi lover is in for a completely new experience here. Chef Stefano Borelli only uses local products, which he transforms into Japanese-Mediterranean tastebud pleasers. The sashimi bites only will teleport you to another planet. Some are exquisitely flavoured with a splash of fresh strawberry, oh the joy! Imagine all your senses going on a pleasant full-alert.

Quite frankly we can’t wait to come back here again and experience even more fine dining, this place has all the right ingredients for a night to be remembered.

All things spiritual, good food and a similarly good story. You name it, she loves it. Wendy, after having been a long-time visitor, is now a steady fixture on the White Isle. An in-demand copywriter and editor in chief for Ibiza Inside, she loves to explore the island and its many wonders and turn it into one cracker of an interesting story without the blink of an eye.

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