Meet Rene Hoeltschl general manager of the Me Ibiza Hotel

Me Hotel Ibiza

The Hotel Me Ibiza is a fantastic lifestyle hotel  in the Santa Eulalia area. We would like to introduce Rene Hoeltschl the general manager to you. Are you ready to learn more about one of the sexiest new hotel right next to Nikki Beach?

Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what your function at ME Hotel is?

My name is Rene Hoeltschl and I am the general manager of the Hotel Me Ibiza. I just started working for the company. I worked before in Mallorca.


Ibiza is known for the popular places like Ibiza Town and San Antonio. Why did Me Hotel choose specifically for this area?

We had a hotel here for many years that was the Sol S’Argamassa. This was always an interesting area. Very relaxing. Santa Eulalia area is a fantastic area to relax. This area is 20 min away from the party zones. There are not really big distances on this island. What we were looking for is to give the area a place to relax and for a different lifestyle. Nikki Beach opened last year and we refurbished the old hotel into what it is today. We created an area that gives a lot of quality to the S’Argamassa area. Our guests that come to Ibiza like the parties but they also like to relax and that is what we offer them. That’s why we think that Santa Eulalia is the best location for a lifestyle hotel.

Can you share with us what a lifestyle hotel is?

A lifestyle hotel has the feeling as if you are in a big villa with your friends. The atmosphere is relaxed. What we are looking for is to give everybody the feeling that they are at home. We take care to make the holiday experience really something to remember. We have a department called Aura which is dedicated to wellbeing and the experience of our guests. You must think of the right music, the correct lighting, the aroma and the VIP services. Everything is about experience at ME Ibiza.

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How do you maintain the relaxed and still high service atmosphere ?

ME Ibiza has a lot of beautiful guests. They travel a lot, they speak many languages. We look for the same type of person in our staff, the same psychographic profile. Our guests have experience in traveling and they are looking for a high level of service.You will not find standard uniforms in the hotel. Everybody is dressed in casual White with high quality clothes. We want the staff to be at the same level as our guests. We want them to be able to share their experiences. This is what makes us very friendly and open.

What makes the Hotel ME Ibiza different and what kind of special services do you offer to your guests?

The Aura department focuses 100% on the quality of the experience of our guests. It is all about service and our guests needs. Our concierge service is 24 hours at your disposal to take care of all your needs. Before you arrive we ask you what kind of food you like to eat. We are pet friendly so we love to receive your pets and take care of them. There is even a special dog menu that you can order as a room service. In the mini bar we have high level products. Anything is possible at the ME Ibiza. It is even possible that we pick you up with our private jet in your country and fly you over to Ibiza. Our two white range rovers will be awaiting you at the airport and take you to our hotel to start your holiday experience.

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For what kind of people is the ME Hotel Ibiza?

The ME Ibiza is for everybody. Our guests are singles, couples, young and elderly, everyone is welcome. ME Ibiza is for clients who like to relax in a beautiful environment, like a high level of service and great music. Our clients enjoy a modern atmosphere and the utmost in lifestyle.

When we say Ibiza you say?

Experience Me Ibiza

When you like to learn more about the ME Ibiza Hotel check out the website We are looking forward meeting you in the Hotel Me Ibiza.

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